13 cool DIY cocktail kits for a delicious drink at home

Whatever your preferred tipple, whether its a Bellini, a Negroni or a low-alcohol cocktail, these are the best at-home cocktail kits delivered straight to your door. 

There’s something really cool about having your own at-home bar. I’m happy to admit I’ve fallen for the allure of beautiful glassware and a stylish drinks trolley in my own home. 

If you want to take your dinner party or afternoon in the park to the next level, cocktail kits are not only delicious but a fun novelty.

At home cocktail kits – whether they be completely ready-made or include an element of playing bartender yourself – are definitely having a moment. The branding is chic, the ideas are innovative and flavours would challenge that underground watering hole you’ve been dying to visit from Instagram.

Find out more about our favourite cocktail kits below.

  • STIR-UP cocktail subscription

    Launched in February 2021, STIR-UP was born out of a shared love by founders Lauren Stevenson and Virginia Norris, for creating great tasting drinks to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. STIR-UP bring a monthly cocktail experience directly through your door with easy to use individual ingredients for minimum waste and maximum variety. 

    Working as either a subscription service (priced from £34.95 for a single box, £32.95 per month for a three-month subscription and £29.95 a month for a six-month subscription), STIR-UP bring stylised versions of the classics such as the Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini, Mai Tai, Negroni and Picante straight to your door. 

    The week before your STIR-UP box arrives, you will receive the STIR-UP Shopping List. This ensures you have the right glasses, tools, garnishes, ice and music, ready to stir, shake, pour and share at home. Bringing the bar to you never looked better. 

    Shop a selection of cocktail boxes at STIR-UP, from £29.95 


  • Lyaness at Home

    Ranked within the top 50 best bars in the world, Lyaness on Southbank is a sight to behold. But while its sleek interiors and plush furnishings are a must for when restrictions are loosened, it’s the bar’s expertly crafted cocktails that are really something to rave about.

    You see, Lyaness is just one of the incredibly successful ventures of industry master and mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana, who is known for being quite literally the best in the business. 

    So, it’s exciting news that these legendary serves are now available to be delivered right to your door. The Lyaness at Home service includes a range of options including single serves, cocktails for two, larger bottles to share or luxurious hampers which are stuffed full of goodies. 

    Cocktails come in stylish, almost apothecary-style glass bottles and really pack a punch. Think smooth, strong and some really interesting combinations. We recommend trying the vegan honey old fashioned, strawberry aperitivo and onyx negroni. 

    Shop Lyaness at Home at Lyaness, from £13 

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  • Townhouse by Hush

    Hush Mayfair is one of west London’s most desirable dining spots with a boutique aesthetic, cosy outdoor terrace and award-winning cocktail bar.

    They’ve teamed up with Nio Cocktails to create a glamorous drinks box to make your night in as fancy as a night out.

    There are three box options for you to choose from; negroni, gimlet and old fashioned. Each one comes with two pre-made cocktail pouches which you can pour straight over ice and a gorgeous set of glasses.

    Of course, the glassware included is as stylish as can be, designed by Avery with 1960s influences and a gold rim. The style of glasses you’ll receive depends on your chosen cocktail, as Hush wants to ensure that the experience will feel as fabulous as the one they provide in their restaurant.

    Those ordering a gimlet will find two coupes, while those who favour a negroni or old fashioned will be treated to short ‘on the rocks’ glasses instead.

    Shop Townhouse by Hush boxes at Hush, £50

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  • Peckham Cellars

    Run by a small team of wine fanatics, Peckham Cellars is an exciting south London company with lots to offer. Though at the heart of what they do is wine (as sourced from small scale wine-makers “who take pride in their product”, might we add), their love of great drinks has expanded to cocktails. 

    The team deliver their bottled cocktails nationwide and, among the selection you’ll find your favourite classics. There are 500ml bottles of old fashioned, margarita and pornstar martini on offer, but a true favourite has to be the negroni. 

    Shop Troo Cocktails Negroni at Peckham Cellars, £25

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  • Cocktail porter

    Think of the Cocktail Porter as your very own butler, concerned only with ensuring that the most delicious tipples are delivered straight to your home. 

    The Cocktail Porter’s cocktail kits come brilliantly presented in a letterbox-style brown box, stuffed full with beautifully packaged ingredients and information on how to stir up something stiff in your kitchen. 

    We particularly like the J&B Rare Scotch Whisky Sours collection. Nothing is too much trouble for the porter, and so you’ll find rustic dehydrated fruit for garnishing, foaming bitters to get experimental with and sweet syrups for flavouring. 

    The whole kit includes no less than six mini J&B Rare Scotch Whisky bottles, fresh lemons, pineapple syrup, spiced apple syrup, cinnamon syrup, foaming bitters, two dehydrated lemons, dehydrated caramelised pineapples, dehydrated cinnamon apples and cinnamon sticks.

    Shop J&B Rare Scotch Whisky Sours collection at Cocktail Porter, £41.95

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    SPIRITLAND is the iconic music bar based in London’s Kings Cross which has played host to legends of the industry such as James Mcavoy, Rosamund Pike and Ellie Golding.

    While you’re unable to enjoy a tipple in person over lockdown, this venue has packaged up some of its best cocktails into chic, amber bottles to try at home. 

    If you’re a fan of classic drinks with a twist, we think you’ll like mixes like the white negroni, quince old fashioned and pear old fashioned. Yum. 

    Shop individual bottles at SPIRITLAND, from £8

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  • Sipful

    Sipful is the stylish brand which is making drinking crowd-pleasing cocktails at home, easier. 

    The interactive element of putting together a cocktail in the comfort of your abode can be fun, but if you’re looking for a tipple you can just grab from the fridge ready made, we like Sipful’s ease and options.

    Choose between orange mimosa, peach bellini and blood orange mimosa in a can, which come either in themed boxes (such as designed for lockdown) or in a pack of 12.

    Shop canned cocktails at Sipful, £17.95

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  • Campari

    Do you love a negroni but would rather not mix it yourself? This quandary can be easily solved with Campari’s pre-made negroni cocktail bottle which is sold exclusively at Waitrose, online and in stores nationwide.

    It contains a complex yet perfectly balanced blend of bitter, sweet and dry with equal parts Campari, Vermouth Rosso and London Dry Gin and is ready to serve.

    Shop pre-mixed negroni at Waitrose, £19

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  • Hawksmoor

    Everything Hawsmoor does is imbued with quality and, although we can’t enjoy the restaurant’s in-house experiences right now, its at-home cocktail kit is no different. 

    This luxurious set includes four large pre-made bottled cocktails which are ready to pour over ice into your favourite glass. Each one should be enough for two serves, so you can enjoy with your roomie.

    Each cocktail has been designed and crafted by the Hawksmoor team with rich, smokey flavours like the fuller-fat martini which mixes Woodford Reserve bourbon, tonka bean and brown butter or the sour cherry negroni with Hepple gin, rose vermouth, Campari and our cherry. 

    While the Hepple gimlet (with Hepple gin, blackcurrant leaf cordial, lemon) and ultimate dry martini (Hepple gin, Hawksmoor vermouth blend, Filicudi lemon oil) are best served slightly frozen, into a frozen glass. Exciting!

    Shop bottled cocktails at Hawksmoor, £48

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  • Asterley Bros

    Asterley Bros is a specialist drinks brand built by two brothers who share a passion for expertly-created cocktails. Together they have created a monthly cocktail club which allows you to keep your drinks trolley constantly stocked with innovative cocktails which change seasonally.

    Each box contains two 50ml samples and perfect serves featuring independent brands, a 200ml mixer to accompany the perfect serve, two 25ml samples to introduce you to new alcohol or cocktails, two aperitivo snacks and even a limited print to match that month’s theme.

    Monthly boxes come in three sizes so you can pick between six, eight or 14 drinks in total, made up of samples and perfect serves. 

    Shop cocktail club boxes at Asterley Bros, from £33.50

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  • Bolney Wine Estate

    The perfect gin and tonic is an elusive thing, but Bolney Wine Estate is here to help you make your own.

    You see, the Bolney Wine Estate knows a thing or two about whipping up a good drink. This charming Sussex-based vineyard started back in 1972 and currently has three generations of the founder’s family still working there. 

    With a passion for alcohol, and of course specifically wine, the estate has developed its own make-at-home cocktail kits which include spirits, liquors and mixers of their expert preference.

    Although there are many to choose from (you can browse these on the website), we particularly like the gin and tonic kit as it gives you the chance to try the estate’s own gin and comes with three tubes of premium botanicals to garnish your drink.

    Shop Bolney perfect serve gin kit at Bolney Wine Estate, £56.99

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  • The Proofing Room

    The Proofing Room at Milroy’s of Spitalfields’ is an exciting new cocktail bar which isn’t letting a little thing like lockdown stop it from providing customers with delicious cocktails.

    If you recognise the name it’s because this haunt is the sister venue to the legendary The Vault at Milroy’s of Soho, a secret bar in central London with hidden doors and an atmospheric cellar. 

    With that in mind, we’re expecting big things from The Proofing Room which bodes well for their range of pre-made bottled cocktails – perfect for drinking at home.

    The selection includes mixes with whisky, vodka such as Aberfeldy 12 Year Old with pistachio and soda. While there are cocktail options like the peach and chesnut which mixes Milroy’s own whiskey JJ Corry (The Bridie) with chestnut liqueur and carbonated peach, alongside the Cucumber & Aquavit which mixes Aquavit, dry sherry, peach, lemon and carbonated cucumber.

     Shop bottled cocktails at The Proofing Room, from £14

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  • Kocktail

    Kocktail offers monthly boxes of fresh bottled cocktails which are as good as you’ll taste in a bar. This is because while many pre-made cocktails are full of nasty chemicals so they can sit on a shelf for months, Kocktail only delivers pre-made cocktails which have been made that week. Their ingredients are fresh and the result is lively, punchy and sweet-tasting drinks that are genuinely lip-smackingly good. 

    The customer experience has also been well thought out. For example, each drink comes in a cute, little bottle with fun, bright packaging which feels like a treat. To explain its origin and how to serve it, each bottle also has an accompanying instructions card and garnish which is packed away in an air-tight pouch. 

    Each box includes four cocktails which rotate monthly based on your preferences. You can also sign up for three or six-monthly bundles for a slightly cheaper price.

    Shop ‘this month’s box’ at Kocktail, £39.

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  • NIO

    NIO is different because instead of sending lots of bits and bobs, chunky bottles or wasteful materials, its smart and sustainable in the way it packs its drinks. You see, each cocktail its poured into a paper envelope-like package, meaning it’s packaged flat. Innovative, right? 

    These envelopes can therefore be stacked into a letter box-friendly parcel which makes delivering them easy, too. Each box includes three, six or nine ready to pour cocktails. All you need to do is open the corner and serve with ice. The packaging is minimalistic and neutral, with a clean-cut feel. 

    NIO’s cocktails are often strong and spirit-based, with drinks like negroni, gimlets and whisky sours on the menu. But you can build your own box to ensure you only get what you like. 

    Shop mini box of three cocktails at NIO, £19.50

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  • The Cocktail Man

    The Cocktail Man is a seasoned name in the cocktail kit scene. Unlike Kocktail and NIO you’ll have to put in some of the work yourself as this delivery service will give you the components of your favourite drinks, to then be made at home. 

    The range of kits is incredible, with lots of cult recipes and exciting blends you might not have heard of. We particularly like the look of the ‘Luxe Chocolate Espresso Martini Cocktail Experience’ pictured above, but we wouldn’t say no to a Raspberry Rose Gin Fizz, Rhubarb and Ginger Negroni or Luxe Blueberry and Lavender Sour, either. 

    Boxes have a luxurious look and feel, finished in a royal blue and gold art-deco design and come with instructions on how to make your cocktail at home. The only warning we will give you, though, is that not absolutely everything is included. For example, the expresso martini kit includes Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Coffee and Chocolate Sliqueur and dark chocolate to garnish but you’ll need your own shaker and expresso. 

    You can either order a cocktail you like from browsing through the boxes on the website or sign up for a subscription and get a surprise. Each box has enough ingredients to make four cocktails.

    Shop Luxe Chocolate Espresso Martini Cocktail Experience at The Cocktail Man, £29.95

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Images: NIO / courtesy of brands 

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