12 January Destinations to Shake Your Holiday Hangover

12 January Destinations to Shake Your Holiday Hangover

Holiday hangovers are a real thing, and we’re not just talking booze-wise. (Although, obviously, that too.) Festivity madness is undoubtedly exhausting, between thinking of thoughtful gifts, shopping for and wrapping said gifts, attending multitudes of merry gatherings, and managing to survive family-house-hopping craziness (insert a glass of wine — or five). So, gifting ourselves a “refresh-cation” might just be the best idea we’ve had all year.

Whatever your post-holiday unwind style, this roundup of January destinations has your back. Maybe you need something to work off those Christmas cookies . . . because is it even the holidays without the cookies? Perhaps you just need some solo peace and quiet . . . no problem. Or, quite possibly, you’re mulling over trying something new for that new year’s reset — we’ve got that, too.

If anything, this post-holiday travel inspiration might just give you a daydream escape to help soothe the inevitable effects of fielding dating questions from wacky Aunt Susan. You’ve most certainly earned a mini or not-so-mini break to look forward to in January when the holiday dust has settled. Start 2019 off on a refreshed foot with these relaxing, detoxing, and utterly restorative spots.

Think: yoga, beach, massage, meditation retreat, cozy fireplace reading. Feel: rejuvenated, refreshed, rebooted — and get some long overdue “you time.”

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