10 Women Revealed Their Most Cringeworthy Dates Ever, & SOS, It’s So Bad

When you look back on your past dates, there’s probably one that takes the cake as the most cringeworthy. (And if there isn’t, I’m jealous.) Whether your date wouldn’t stop talking about themselves, or they decided to wear crocs and basketball shorts to take you out, something about that date likely stood out to you and made it the worst. It happens, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it can be something to laugh about down the line once you’ve gotten over the awkwardness of it all. These 10 women revealed their most cringeworthy dates ever, and if misery really does love company, you’re going to love these.

Cringeworthy dates suck, but they’re not the end of the world. (Unless, you know, the apocalypse actually is here, but that’s a story for another time.) The date may feel really awkward and uncomfortable when you’re going through it, but once it’s over, good news! It’s over. Go home, eat a pint of your favorite ice cream, and marathon-watch Game of Thrones. In any event, you’ve probably got a hilarious story to pull out of your back pocket. And if you need a little emotional boost after your most recent cringeworthy date, you’re not alone. Read on.

At least he was nice.

Ella*, 23

I’m sure she never lied to a date again.

— Veronica, 25

That first red flag was already enough to make me cringe.

— Leah*, 29

Definitely the messiest date ever.

— Iman, 24

So wrong on so many levels.

— Ann*, 21


— AC, 25

Um, thank u, next, for real.

— Esperanza*, 23

One h*ll of a 21st birthday.

— Josie, 22

Great chemistry through text, not so much IRL.

— Caroline, 23

I feel my skin crawling.

— Hannah, 26

Not every date is going to be perfect, and if you run into one that sounds anything like the ones above, don’t let it get you down! Say "thank you, next," and keep on moving.

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