10 billion holiday snaps in 2021: Britons are loving AND capturing their trips

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After Boris Johnson gave a positive update on travel restrictions on Thursday, travel is back on the cards this summer… Time to create some memories.

The pictures that Britons take in Spain, Portugal, Croatia and beyond will contribute to this year’s total of 10 billion holiday snaps.

That’s according to PastBook, whose instant photo book service creates stylish memoirs out of photos posted on social media.

Data by travel association ABTA shows that nine out of 10 Britons took a holiday in 2019 – and took pictures on it.

Based on that, PastBook estimates that 2021, with most coronavirus restrictions lifted, will see crowded phone galleries too.

Many of the pictures, however, will never trespass people’s devices, as 52 percent of the nation have no physical photographic record of their summer holiday highlights.

While family photo albums used to be a must after a holiday, that tradition seems long gone.

Photos of friends and loved ones stay on our devices and are often forgotten among hundreds or thousands of other shots. In the worst of cases, they get lost when the phone breaks or is replaced with a new one.

Daniel Scheijen, CMO of PastBook, is encouraging Britons to avoid that from happening by capturing and sharing their best times on their social media to then “make a digital photo album of our most monumental summer, one which we can look back on in years to come.”

Preserving the pictures taken during the summer is easy; taking incredible shots to look back to, too.

Today’s smartphones have high-quality cameras to capture a trip’s most special moments, whether on the beach or during a city break.

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to up your photography game is by attaching a lens kit to your phone – it instantly expands its capabilities.

Telephoto, wide-angle, macro, anamorphic and fisheye lenses will open you up to a whole new world of creativity and can easily be swapped out depending on the result you’re aiming for.

Scrolling through Instagram, with vintage-style images taking over the feed, one can sometimes feel like in a different era.

Film photography has found its feet among Gen Z, but isn’t necessarily for everyone.

You may like the mood of an old-looking picture but not be that much into photography — or can’t afford to buy a camera and film — and that’s not a problem. Tons of apps can get you a retro result in a click. 

If you’re going on a trip by the sea, don’t stick to shooting on land.

Newer phones are water-resistant, but for carefree shooting, an underwater smartphone case is the safer option. Whether scuba diving in Mykonos or rafting in Wales, capturing the underwater world couldn’t be more fun – nor make for cooler shots.

“Over the last year, where we have faced social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown, our social media accounts have been flooded with images of banana bread, masks and socially distanced walks,” says Daniel.

But with Britons heading on summer holidays, that’s quickly changing… Images of lockdown endeavours are being replaced with party and sunset shots.

Daniel explains how we can now all “rediscover the nostalgia that a physical photo can bring” and ensure that our photos last for generations.

PastBook automatically creates a photo book with photos posted on users’ Instagram and Facebook profiles or stored on Dropbox or a device. It also works with Flickr and Picasa.

Once extracted, it instantly arranges them into a high-quality photo book.

Printing a holiday’s photos and sticking them into an album one by one may sound tedious; it being done for you is something else.

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