You Need to See the Trailer for Marie Kondo's New Netflix Series

Every January, we decide it’s time to get our lives back on track after a season of indulgence and decadence. And what better way to motivate us to take down that 400th holiday decoration (and maybe get rid of it altogether?) than by watching organization guru Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, Tidying Up?

The show, which will be released in full on Jan. 1, features Kondo going into peoples homes and helping them reboot their lives by figuring out which of the items they’ve been hoarding away actually “spark joy.” The rest get donated, sold or trashed. It sounds like it could be a little judgy or naggy, but after watching the trailer, I feel truly inspired to renovate my life and ready to binge-watch every episode in a day.

We stan a tidy legend!

Yes, Kondo’s method of organization isn’t for everyone, but her patient demeanor and passion for tidying up seems like it can truly help these people who have been holding onto way too much stuff for way too long. As they go through the process of eliminating the excess belongings in their home, they also have a chance to explore why they’ve held on to it, which memories they’re trying not to let go of and why they feel scared when it comes time to literally get rid of their excess baggage.

My clutter problems might not be so intense, but it’s a good reminder, especially after receiving a bunch of presents during the holidays, that maybe I don’t need to keep that massive foam bald eagle sculpture that a friend got as a joke present for me in college. Not to use an example from my real life or anything… heh… heh…

Tidying Up premieres on Netflix on Jan. 1. Here’s hoping you got a gift card to The Container Store for the holidays!

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