You Can Buy Live House Plants on Amazon for Dirt Cheap Right Now — Starting at Only $11.99

Plant lovers, rejoice! If you’ve been wanting to add some new plant babies to your home, you now can for way less thanks to Amazon’s Deal of the Day. 

Today only, the retailer is selling a slew of live plants and succulents for 20 percent off (and some discounts go even higher). Yes, you really can order live house plants on Amazon. There is a variety of nine different botanicals marked down, including this pack of 20 mini succulents that has more than 2,200 positive reviews from shoppers who are saying they are “a must for any succu-lover out there.”  

“I’ve never ordered plants online before, so I was a bit nervous. I shouldn’t have been,” one reviewer wrote. “These beauties arrived in amazing condition, with large plants and unique varieties that really stand out! They truly exceeded my expectations.” 

Buy It! Shop Succulents Unique Collection of Live Hand Selected for Health Pack of 20 Succulents, $29.99 (orig. $39.99);

Many other customers have also commented on how amazed they are by the assortment of plants that come in the pack. “Absolutely the best succulent collection I have ever seen” one wrote. “Each plant was a different variety, some that you rarely find. This is a terrific bargain!”

What’s great about succulents is that they are very low-maintenance plants, so they’re easy to keep alive. And they’re actually great cold-weather plants, too. During the winter (their dormancy period), they only need to be watered once a week every two to three weeks. In the warmer months, they should be watered once a week. These mini succulents come fully rooted in two-inch square pots and can easily be transferred and re-potted in new planters. 

You can get a collection of 20 on sale for $30 (down from $40), which comes out to just $1.50 per succulent. If you’re hosting a bridal shower or wedding, these would make the perfect inexpensive gifts. And with Valentine’s Day less than a week away, now’s the perfect opportunity to also snag this dumb cane plant for 29 percent off and this string of pearls succulent hanging house pant for only $20, both of which would make great gifts for plant lovers.

This Amazon Deal of the Day ends at 3 a.m. ET, so don’t wait too long to make the move on your newest house plant — there’s only a few hours left to shop!

Buy It! String of Pearls Succulent in 6-Inch Grow Pot, $19.99 (orig. $24.99);

Buy It! Dumb Cane ‘Dieffenbachia Camille’ House Plant in 6-Inch Grow Pot, $24.99 (orig. $34.99);

Buy It! Live Ionantha Hand Selected Variety Pack of Air Plants Collection of 5, $11.99 (orig. $19.99);

Buy It! Unique Live Plants Hand Selected Variety Pack Mini Succulents Collection of 6, $17.99 (orig. $23.99);

Buy It! Haworthia Alluring Live Aloe Hand Selected for Health Pack of 5, $16.99 (orig. $23.99);

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