Winter gardening: How to banish unwanted winter weeds and protect your garden

Monty Don suggests pulling garden weeds this autumn

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During the winter months, many plants in your garden are likely to fall dormant. However, even as the temperature plummets, pesky weeds can still crop up and wreak havoc on your garden.

This is why maintenance tasks, including keeping an eye out for weeds, is crucial.

From November until March, thicker, green varieties of weed are the most common.

Some of the most common weeds found in the UK during the chillier months are bittercress, chickweed, lamium, docks and herb bennet.

Ensuring you have a lush and healthy lawn is one of the main ways to keep weeds at bay.

Of course, if a weed has still unexpectedly appeared there are some ways you can banish it for good.

How to get rid of winter weeds

The most important thing is to remove or treat weeds the moment you notice them.

By killing them before they drop seeds, gardeners can prevent future infestations.

According to the DIY website, there are two main ways to combat weeds that sprout in winter.

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Manual removal

The first method is by removing the weeds with your hands or garden tools.

However, it is important that you ensure all of the weed has been pulled from the ground, otherwise, it may grow back.

Digging out weeds is mostly easy for those that do not have deep roots or runners.

When digging out the weed, take care to “shake or disturb it as little as possible”.

This will ensure the weed does not drop seeds on nearby patches of land.

Pull each weed individually at its base, being sure to maintain a slow and steady motion to remove the roots from the soil.

Some gardeners prefer to weed using tools, which can often speed up the process.

According to home advice website Bob Vila, you can select which gardening tool is best based on whether you prefer to weed while kneeling or standing.

Kneeling tools have relatively short handles, and include small rake-type tools, hook neck tools or angled hand hoes.

Standing tools can be used to remove multiple weeds at once, such as a long-handled hoe.

Use herbicides

Herbicides are toxic substances absorbed through a pant’s leaves that can kill it off.

This is much easier than pulling by hand, but there are some downsides which gardeners should consider.

Repeated use of a specific herbicide can create weed resistance to the chemical. If resistant, the weeds will no longer respond to the herbicide’s active properties.

Many herbicides are also toxic to both people and pets.

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