This whimsical tableware collection will transform your tablescape

The collection features everything needed to take your tablescape to the next level.

Admittedly, I’m quite the minimalist.

I enjoy a chic yet simple palette of warm browns, stark whites and classic blacks when it comes to my style and my interiors – but, I do have a desire to shake things up and inject a bit more colour into my life.

One way I’m thinking to do so is by giving my kitchenware a shake-up – and Karen Mabon’s latest tableware collection is a great way to dive headfirst into a sea of whimsical illustrations and vibrant hues.

Karen Mabon napkin

Karen Mabon still life apron

The kitsch tableware collection features everything needed to take your tablescape to the next level – from aprons and tea towels to napkins and tablecloths, printed with two of Mabon’s favourite hand-illustrated designs.

Standout pieces include the dogs’ dessert tea towel, which is designed with images of some of the sweetest pooches around surrounded by a medley of fresh fruit to the still life tablecloth which will elevate any table setting.

Karon Mabon still life tea towel

Karen Mabon napkin

“I am an avid collector of colourful crockery and table linen so creating this collection of kitchen and tableware made perfect sense for the brand,” says Mabon.

“Scouring vintage markets on holiday or finding the perfect painted plate is such a joy. I also find a set of napkins are a really good way to update your table without taking up lots of space in the home.

“I am not the best cook so I find having colourful and conversational table linen is great for distracting guests from the food I have prepared.”

The tableware collection is available to shop now on Karen Mabon’s website.

Images: Karen Mabon

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