‘This is your superpower’: Houseplant expert shares simple plant watering trick

Houseplants: Experts explain why leaves might be falling off

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Houseplants can be tricky customers when it comes to watering. Some require very little water while others need constant humidity and regular watering. Most plants will show obvious signs of over or under-watering such as dropping leaves or burnt edges.

If you’re new to caring for houseplants, there are tricks you can use so you know when your plants need watering.

CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, Silver Spence, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about a simple trick houseplant owners can use to tell when your plants need water.

Silver said the trick will be your “superpower” when it comes to caring for houseplants.

She said: “Pick up your plants when you water them and then when they’re dry.

“This is gonna be your superpower.

“When you finesse this you’ll be able to tell when your plants need watering.

“The next step up from that is being able to spot the signs of over or under-watering.

“Once you feel comfortable you’ll see it as an extra layer of vision and you might even help rescue your friends’ plants.”

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One key sign that your plant needs water is how the compost feels to the touch.

Stick your finger in the plant’s compost to the knuckle to feel how dry it is.

If the soil is dry, it needs water, if it’s moist it can be left a bit longer.

Plants like succulents may need to dry out more before they are watered.

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Silver also advised houseplant owners to check the “under leaf” of their plants.

Certain pests will hide under leaves while feasting on the plant.

Silver said: “Look closely at the under leaf.

“We are often so enamoured by the immediate look of a plant that we don’t look at the under leaf.

“The under leaf not only provides a space for bugs to hide, it can also tell us the story of the plant and how it has evolved to live where it does.”

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