‘They will grow weak’: Houseplant expert warns gardeners not to overwater plants

David Domoney provides advice on popular houseplants

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Houseplants are a low maintenance alternative to garden plants as they can withstand the changing temperatures of our humid homes. Caring for houseplants requires minimal effort, with regular watering being the most important factor when it comes to growing a strong and healthy plant. As the temperature drops and the winter weather sets in there are a few subtle changes that need to be made.

While houseplants are well protected from the harsh winter weather, the temperature of homes during winter can wreak havoc on the growth of indoor plants.

As the central heating gets dialled up and left on for longer, the air quality in the home can quickly deteriorate as it grows more humid. 

Humidity itself won’t kill your plants, but failing to adjust your care routine as the winter sets in could leave your plants looking worse for wear.

To see your plants into the new year there are some key changes you should make when caring for your plants, and it’s all to do with how you water them.

Experts at Fantastic Gardeners have shared their key tips when it comes to taking care of houseplants.

The experts explained how this time of year is when many houseplants enter a “dormant phase” to help them survive winter.

They said: “Now is the time for many houseplants to enter a dormant phase, which helps them get through the cold weather conditions. 

“It’s very important to let your plants rest during the winter months.”

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When houseplants are at their dormant phase it’s important to cut down on watering as they could grow weaker if they are watered the same amount as in summer. 

While regular watering may work from spring through to early autumn, houseplants are at risk of becoming waterlogged if overfed.

The gardening expert said: “Cut down on watering.

“If you continue watering them the same way you have during the summer, they will grow weaker or rot.”

The amount of water each house plant needs varies “depending on the plant”.

Fantastic Gardens said: “Depending on the plant, either reduce watering to every two weeks or, in the case of cacti, completely pause watering up until spring.”

Another tip from the gardening experts at Fantastic Gardens is to position your plants in the view of “sunlight”.

They said: “Place your plants where they can get as much sunlight as possible.”

With winter come the shorter days and, respectively, less sunshine for houseplants. 

The gardening experts suggested moving the houseplants to an area where they can get light.

They said: “Move them in a closed porch or a conservatory, where your plants would be able to get the needed light. 

“If these are not an option, you can also move them onto a windowsill of a south-facing room.”

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