The ‘best’ way to deal this invasive weeds before spring begins – ‘will put you ahead’

Gardening expert demonstrates how to get rid of weeds

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Garden weeds are one problem gardeners are constantly struggling with. A weed is essentially a plant growing in inconvenient areas of the garden. There are a number of plants that pretty much always fall into the category of weeds, either for their vigorous growth and ability to take over or the ability to keep regrowing. Gardening expert Michael Perry, also known as Mr Plant Geek, has shared how to rid gardens of invasive weeds and other gardening jobs that need to be ticked off the to-do list in the coming days before spring.

With the worst of the winter weather behind, it is time to start thinking about getting gardens ready for spring. 

With this in mind, Laura Schwarze, from outdoor furniture specialists Luxury Rattan has enlisted the help of a team of other gardening experts to break down exactly what gardening jobs you should be ticking off your to-do list in the coming weeks. 

Michael explained how gardeners need to make a start on weeding now for a great spring and summer garden.

He said: “With temperatures starting to creep up, there is a good chance weeds will have started to appear in your outdoor space. 

“Spending some time dealing with invasive plants now – either removing by hand or using weed killer – will really put you ahead when it comes to getting your garden ready for spring. 

“Starting the weeding process early will allow your beds to be in the best condition possible when it comes time to start planting in a few weeks.”

Michael has also shared top tips for healthy lawns and plants.

As the UK was hit with heavy rain this winter, many lawns have had to battle the issue of waterlogging.

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The gardening expert said: “After the recent heavy rain, it is a good idea to aerate your lawn and make sure it is able to drain properly. 

“To help make sure your lawn is as healthy as possible as we move into spring, use a gardening fork to make 5cm to 15cm spikes in your turf to reduce lawn compaction and ensure your grass is able to breath.”

This ensures gardeners have brilliant green grass as the UK moves into the warmer months. 

Michael also noted that now is the “perfect” time to ensure flower beds are ready.

He said: “While you might not be planning to start your spring planting just yet, now is the perfect time to make sure your flower beds are ready. 

“Use a rake to even out and loosen the soil and be sure to add a layer of compost or mulch to add nutrients back into your soil.”

This creates the perfect home for plants. 

Michael added: “If you prefer keeping your plants in pots, be sure to rinse out any empty pots and wipe away dirt that has accumulated over the colder months.”

For those who are yet to tidy up autumn leaves or the windy weather has blown new debris into your space, now is the perfect time to clean up the garden. 

Not only will this make gardens look great, but removing leaves and other debris from lawns and flower beds can help ensure they’re in the best condition possible as spring soon begins.

For the time being, focus on keeping the natural elements of the garden neat and tidy.

Michael explained: “There isn’t a huge amount of patio maintenance to do at the moment, as you are best waiting until we have seen the last of the bad weather. 

“Instead, just be sure to  clear any debris to prevent tripping hazards and your patio becoming slippy.” 

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