Swiss cheese plant: The ‘daily’ job you should do to keep your Monstera houseplant alive

Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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Swiss cheese plants, real name Monstera Deliciosa, are popular in the UK because they are generally unfussy and attract few pests. The plant is grown in the tropics of North and South America, where it can reach 70ft tall. According to National Greenhouse, the Swiss cheese plant is the most popular houseplant in the country.

They said: “With an average monthly search volume of 98,000, it’s easy to see why from the pages of images showing big deliciously green leaves broken up by unique slits – hence its colloquial name.”

Being a tropical plant, it requires certain conditions for it to thrive.

This includes keeping it in bright conditions, but not direct sunlight.

If kept in direct sunlight, the houseplant may scorch.

The experts added: “You want to replicate a tropical environment as much as possible, where higher trees would cover these more ground-level plants in warm climates.”

When it comes to watering, it is important not to over or under water the houseplants.

They love moisture in their soil and so when the top of the soil is dry, they are ready for water.

According to the experts, moisture meters are great to help with monitoring this.

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They added: “Tropical plants also love humid environments, naturally.

“This means you can give it a daily mist treatment.”

This involves putting water into a fine mist bottle and spraying houseplants regularly.

Misting is a very simple and effective way to boost humidity.

It is also an easy solution to avoid the risk of overwatering.

Tepid water is recommended when misting houseplants as it can help to replicate their natural environments.

In a bid to keep houseplants healthy, Hammonds Furniture also recently analysed Google search data to find out which houseplants Britons need care with.

They also shared common symptoms the Swiss cheese plant may show when it is given too much water.

The experts explained: “While you might initially think that yellowing leaves or soft dark brown spots are a sign of under watering, they actually indicate that you are overwatering.

“It needs to be dried out.

“If your leaves are brown and crispy on the edges, your plant is dehydrated.”

Hammonds spoke to Samantha Jones, gardening and plant expert at, who said: “Bringing plants into your home can be beneficial to freshen up the atmosphere. Aside from being visually appealing and improving the aesthetics of your home, plants have a calming effect on us.

“Overall, the care of your plant is essential, so it is vital to make sure you give it the correct care. Each plant will have its different needs, but there are some essential tips to follow if you’re just starting on your houseplant journey.

“Keep your potting soil moist, the soil must neither be too wet or too dry.

“Make sure that the plant pot has drainage holes in the bottom so your plant is never sat in water.

“Place your plant near a light source, whether natural or artificial.

“Finally, if you are new to gardening, you should try to stick to low maintenance plants such as aloe or Monstera.”

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