Spoilers: Police discover Susie’s smashed phone in Justin’s car in Home and Away

Justin’s (James Stewart) painkiller addiction has been impacting his family and friends around him as his decline steadily worsens with time. Tori (Penny McNamee) has made the decision to kick him out until he can get himself together, but unfortunately he goes to pick up dodgy pills from a guy in a side road before taking them and blacking out in his vehicle.

Waking up on the side of the road, Justin sees sirens as ambulances rush past him and he later discovers Rachel (Marny Kennedy) has died in a hit and run. Horror-struck, he realises he might have killed someone and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) discovers him in the garden at home, a complete wreck.

When Leah calls the police and finds out the vehicle which hit Rachel wasn’t Justin’s, this is the wake-up call he needs and he finally admits he’s an addict. However, the timing for all of his behaviour is still set to haunt him as the police have their focus on him for Susie’s (Bridie Carter) murder…

Justin is on his way to Yabbie Creek when the police suddenly pull him over. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and the homicide detective tell him they believe there is evidence in his vehicle linking him to the murder of Susie McAllister. Scoffing, Justin stands aside to let them search his car.

Minutes later, Detective Peterson (Lisa Flanagan) locates a smashed phone which belonged to Susie and Justin is seized, taken to the police station for questioning.

The detective pushes him to confess to the murder, it would be much easier for him, but Justin remains adamant – he’s never seen the phone before and he’s blatantly being framed…

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