‘Simplest’ and ‘most effective’ garden addition to ‘boost’ house price

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Gardens are extremely important for many homebuyers when it comes to looking for a new property. Whether they’re after a summerhouse or a pristine outdoor space, gardens have become more desired after the pandemic. According to experts, adding an outbuilding in the garden could make all the difference.

A spokesperson from Garden Buildings Direct said: “Many homeowners looking to put their property on the market want to make sure their home is as profitable and attractive as possible before selling.

“There are several ways to do this, including both internal and external renovations, but we believe one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost property value is through adding a summerhouse garden building.

“They have a number of uses and can even double up as a home office. If furnished and fitted out properly in a way which complements the rest of the home, it may just be the thing which catches the eye of a potential buyer.”

According to the experts, summerhouses can make a vast difference when it comes to a home’s facilities.

This is because a functional and spacious garden room can not only improve the appearance of a garden but it also makes it a much more usable space.

They added: “With more people working from home than ever, having a purpose-built space away from the main home can have great appeal for prospective buyers.

“Those with older or disused outbuildings should make sure they are returned to top condition before they begin showing the house, as an unsightly building with structural issues would be a hindrance for house value.”

When considering whether a summerhouse is right for you or not, it’s important to ensure there is enough space for the outbuilding to be a worthwhile investment.

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It is not worth overcoming a small garden as this could make the space less attractive with an oversized summerhouse.

The pros noted: “You should also be aware of how you position your garden building as it won’t be as attractive if placed in permanent shade or is difficult to access.”

For the outbuilding to provide as much value as possible, it should have a unique purpose separate from any rooms inside the home.

According to the experts, if there is already a usable office space in the home then the garden building should have a separate use, like an entertainment space for example. 

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Installing an outbuilding can be expensive, especially if you’re after a high quality finish and there are other ways to add value to your home through the garden.

According to Jack Sutcliffe, co-founder of Power Sheds, who worked with Martin McCreath, regional director for Your Move Estate Agents, installing a water feature could add value to a home.

A water feature can be the perfect way to add a relaxing ambience to your garden and give it the potential wow factor for those looking to buy your home.

Water features can be added in various different ways, and you don’t always need a pond to include one.

Jack said: “From elaborate fountains to a simple pond, the addition of water to a garden can be a big selling point and a simple way to add value to your garden space.” 

When looking to buy a home, a well-maintained garden with a nice finish is crucial and can help to sell the home.

Adding some mature plants can make the garden look complete and also fill any sparse areas in the garden. 

The expert noted: “This will also add some colour to the space and make it a more attractive proposition rather than a blank canvas. You can buy almost any plant as a mature one, from evergreen shrubs such as azalea and heather, through to larger statement trees and things like bamboo.”

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