Seven easy to care for houseplants to ‘instantly brighten’ a room

Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “Homeowners often choose indoor plants as a quick and easy way to brighten up rooms during the darker winter months. Lots of houseplants are easy to care for and provide a beautiful bloom to all areas of your home, and there are some great options for those spots in your house which don’t receive much sunlight – for example, peace lilies favour darker conditions and spiderwort grows well in the shade provided it has enough water.  

“If you’re looking for a houseplant which will instantly brighten up the space, a bird of paradise or an orchid are great options, with their strong colours and tall stems.  

“Anthurium plants are one of the most long-lasting indoor flowers, and provide an exotic red bloom. For wonderful shades of green in your home, try hanging ivy.”

The experts said any kind of houseplant is a great way to help purify the air, which is especially ideal during the winter months.

They added: “Indoor plants and flowers bring a beautiful bloom into all areas of your home, even those which the sun rarely reaches, which will truly help to brighten up even the dullest of days.” 

1. Anthurium

Anthurium plants are best known for being one of the longest-blooming houseplants, with their vibrant red bloom lasting up to eight weeks with new flowers forming often.

The experts said: “This exotic plant thrives in a warm environment, so is perfect for a flower feature in the bathroom with watering only needed every fortnight. Anthurium plants can be toxic if consumed so it’s best to put them out of the way of children or pets.”

2. Orchid

An orchid is a great way to brighten up any room and give a tropical feel to the space because they come in a variety of different colours, with the most common being purple.

The gardening experts said this plant is perfect for the colder months as they prefer indirect sunlight and are very easy to take care of.

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They added: “Orchids do need regular watering once a week, but the roots should be kept green which indicates an ideal amount of water.”

3. Peace lily

Peace lilies are known for beautiful white flowers and glossy green leaves which can add colour to any room in the home.

They are ideal for darker rooms since they love the shade and often bloom “beautifully” during low-light conditions such as a bedroom facing away from the sun.

The experts noted: “The peace lily is ideal for those wanting some tranquillity in their homes during the grey days, and this flower is also known for purifying the air inside the home.”

4. Bird of paradise

According to the pros, a bird of paradise plant is a “perfect choice” to “brighten up a room instantly” thanks to its tropical bloom giving a burst of colour to any room.

They explained: “Its beak-shaped flowers are best placed in an area which gets direct sunlight over the colder months to keep the orange, yellow and blue flowers blooming on dull-looking days.”

5. Spiderwort

A spiderwort is a trailing plant so is ideally placed in hanging baskets and will bring a variety of greens, whites and purples to brighten up some of the darkest of days.

This houseplant thrives in a medium to well lit sun spot, but will bloom just as well in partial shade so long as the soil is kept moist and well drained.

6. Ivy

The gardening experts continued: “Ivy is a great climbing plant which thrives in a cool room, and is easy to care for especially over the winter as it only needs watering every fortnight. 

“Ivy plants come in several different green shades and grow quickly – so it’s a good idea to snip off trailers to keep the plant compact. However, for pet owners, it’s best to avoid Ivy plants as they can be toxic for animals.”

7. Chinese evergreen

This houseplant will bloom well in the shade and needs to be placed away from direct sunlight, perfect for brightening up any dull room.

The experts said Britons can choose a darker green Chinese evergreen for spots with little sunlight. They added: “This plant is also a great choice for bedrooms and offices as it is known to be a good air purifier.”

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