‘Relieves pain’: The ‘significant’ health benefits of keeping fresh flowers in your home

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Flowers are great to keep in homes all year round. Several studies show that being around fresh flowers, and plants in general, boosts physical and mental health as well as emotional wellbeing. In other words, having flowers in the home can help improve quality of life by increasing happiness and strength while instilling a positive outlook on life. Flower experts at Flower card have shared several great benefits of adding fresh flowers to a home.

Purifies the air

When plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, they naturally replenish the vital oxygen supply that all animals breathe and maintain healthy carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. 

The experts said: “Fresh flowers can play a significant role in purifying the indoors atmosphere.

“Besides replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen, fresh flowers and plants can also remove other toxins from the air.”

Everyday household items such as detergents, ovens, paints, aerosol sprays and some building materials emit pollutants into the air. 

Flowers can absorb these toxins and percolate them into the soil, where microbes break them down into viable plant nutrients.

They help reduce stress

Reducing stress is one of the key wellness benefits of fresh flowers. 

A behavioural study conducted by psychologist and researcher Nancy L. Etcoff at Harvard Medical School concluded that living with flowers decreases feelings of anxiety, worry and depression while increasing feelings of compassion. 

Nancy noted that participants of the study simply felt less negative after being around flowers in their homes for only a few days. 

This also seemed to boost their enthusiasm, happiness and energy at work.

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They can alleviate pain

Thanks to flowers’ air purification properties, a household will be less prone to common cold and allergic reactions resulting from airborne toxins. 

The experts said: “This is especially helpful for those with weak immune systems. 

“But the health benefits of flowers do not stop there. 

“Flowers can actually help relieve physical discomfort, fatigue and pain, speeding up recovery from disease or injury.”

Fresh flowers help to achieve a better nights sleep

According to SleepSeeker, getting a good night’s sleep has several physical and mental health benefits. 

With the stresses of a fast-paced modern life make it hard for many to get the much-needed beauty sleep every night. 

Some people desperately turn to sleeping pills, which could do more harm than good, unaware that a surprisingly effective solution to sleeping better is simply placing a few flowers in the bedroom.

With fresh flowers, after a seven to eight hour restful night’s sleep, Britons will wake up feeling rejuvenated, focused, energetic and in a good mood, ready to boldly face the new day, experts suggest.

Flowers improve our mental and physical wellbeing

The many benefits of fresh flowers go beyond their aesthetic qualities. 

Besides beauty, flowers also have a lot going for them. 

They are natural air purifiers and fresheners, fill the surrounding with lovely fragrances and express art, personality and affection. 

All these attributes combine to make flowers therapeutic for both the body and the mind.

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