Peace Lily: How to get your houseplant to flower this spring – ‘don’t water on a schedule’

Peace Lily: The best ways to keep you plants looking good

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Peace Lilies are popular low maintenance houseplants with glossy green leaves and gorgeous white flowers, called spathes. They are native to central America and enjoy a warm and humid environment. This can be hard to mimic in the UK, especially when the heating is on, but one expert has shared top tips when it comes to looking after the plant.

Natalie Devereux, product specialist at Serenata Flowers, told “Peace Lilies are considered easier than some other plants to look after when there are fewer sunlight hours, despite being a tropical plant.”

This is because the houseplant will thrive in moderate to low lighting conditions, which is unusual for an indoor plant.

The expert added: “They will flower in spring if a minimum temperature of around 15 degrees celsius is maintained in the home throughout the winter months and there soil remains moist in a pot with good drainage.”

To help create a humid environment for the plant, Natalie recommended misting a Peace Lily regularly.

Misting houseplants regularly is a simple but effective way to boost humidity. 

It is recommended that room temperature or tepid water is used, making sure it is filtered water to help prevent harsh chemicals entering the soil.

What’s more, misting can also help prevent overwatering which is a huge killer of houseplants.

Placing the houseplant near a tray of moist pebbles can also help to increase their humidity levels.

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Wiping leaves with a damp cloth can also help to remove dust.

This is especially important when they are in active growth, helping the plant to photosynthesise.

The expert continued: “Peace Lilies don’t like being overwatered, so don’t water on a schedule as it is likely they need less water in the colder months than the summer when the external conditions are warmer.

“Overwatering can lead to root rot which suffocates the plant.”

As well as overwatering houseplants, underwatering can be just as harmful.

According to Gardeners’ World, Peace Lilies have an “alarming tendency” to droop if they are short of water.

However, they tend to recover after a few hours once they have been watered.

It can be hard to tell if the plant needs watering or not, especially during the colder months of the year.

Owners can use a finger and dip it into the soil to check if it damp below the surface, and if it is, it does not yet need to be watered.

Despite the UK entering the spring months, areas are still experiencing chilly weather and plants are still lying dormant.

They tend to enter active growth in April, when the weather starts to get warmer.

Gardeners’ World recommended Peace Lily owners repot the houseplant every spring.

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