Peace lilies: ‘Huge mistake’ houseplant owners make when caring for popular plant

Houseplant expert explains how to look after a Peace Lily

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Peace lilies have become a popular houseplant in the UK and are known for their large, glossy leaves and delicate white flowers. They can also filter indoor air, increase levels of humidity in your home and help you breathe better. The popular houseplant can also help you sleep better by absorbing airborne mould.

The peace lily is a tropical houseplant so requires light and humidity in order to thrive.

However, there is one “huge mistake” peace lily owners are at risk of making when caring for the popular plant.

CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, Silver Spence, spoke exclusively to about peace lilies and how to look after them.

Silver said although peace lilies like to be quite wet, overwatering can be a problem.

She said: “Peace lilies can stay wet or like to be a little bit wet.

“But a lot of people misinterpret that for soaking wet which is not very good for the plant.

“Think of it like going outside in your socks. You’re okay if it’s a light sprinkling [of rain] – that’s going to dry out.”

Peace lilies should not only be in a nursery pot but in a decorative pot too.

This is especially important for peace lilies as the decorative pot catches any extra water that isn’t absorbed by the plant.

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Silver continued: “If there’s a few millimetres of water at the bottom of the pot, that’s fine.

“Leave it be for a while. Then, allow it to dry out by – depending on how big your plant is – a couple of centimetres.

“Then you can top it up with water.

“Otherwise, a huge mistake people make with peace lilies is making them too wet because they like to have water.”

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During the winter months, you may notice your peace lily start to change.

Although this may seem scary, Silver has assured that this is quite normal.

She said: “During the winter time, they will start to get a bit droopy because they like to be kept on the warmer side.

“They will get bit droopy and you will get some leaf loss.

“But don’t try to overcompensate and don’t try to feed them.

“Don’t do anything different for the plant apart from just winding down for the winter.

“Cut the watering, keep it away from any cold or anything that’s too hot.”

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