Peace lilies: Houseplant expert shares why your plant has ‘wilted’ and ‘brown’ leaves

Houseplant expert explains how to look after a Peace Lily

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Peace lilies or spathiphyllum is a popular houseplant that’s often spotted offices and homes. The plant has air purifying qualities and can increase the levels of humidity in your home which will help you breathe better. The plant also reportedly absorbs mould spores which can cause allergies.

Not only does the plant have health benefits but it also looks beautiful with lush green leaves and delicate white flowers.

However, peace lilies, like many other houseplants, can start to look a little sad when the weather turns and if they’re not cared for properly.

Some of the ways people can make their plants unhappy is by watering them incorrectly and not giving them enough sunlight.

Houseplant expert Eileen from The Home Depot has shared her peace lily care tips.

She has also shared why your plant may have “wilted” or “brown” leaves.

Eileen said: “Peace lilies are some of the most recognisable and easy to care for indoor houseplants.

“They have lovely, lush dark green foliage and they have these beautiful white spoon-shaped petals.

“It’s a great plant for purifying the air in your home.

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The peace lily is best-suited for low light conditions so place it in a room with indirect sunlight.

“If it is exposed to direct sunlight it can easily burn and the leaves will turn brown.”

Another reason your peace lily’s leaves might look wilted is to do with how often you’re watering.

With peace lilies, overwatering can often be more harmful than underwatering.

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Eileen explained further: “Keep your peace lily’s soil moist, watering about once a week but don’t overwater.

“While peace lilies can tolerate short dry periods you’ll notice the leaves might seem to wilt.

“Fortunately, the peace lily will forgive you if you properly water it.”

The peace lily’s green leaves can also turn brown if their humidity levels are low.

Fortunately, you can simply trim the leaves and spritz them to improve their condition.

Eileen added: “Simply trim off the brown part, consider either spritzing the plant several times a week or adding it to a gravel tray.

“I have just a basic tray with some gravel.

“I place some water on top and place the plant [on it].”

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