Patio cleaning hacks: How to clean paving stones with two cheap kitchen cupboard items

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After the onslaught of winter weather and severe storms of the last few months, your garden might be in need of some special attention. Though your lawn may be a key point of focus, homeowners shouldn’t forget about their patio. Though it is often touted as the best way to clean your paved areas, investing in a pressure washer to clean paving stones and patio slabs can be a costly option.

Luckily, there are two items you may have tucked away in a kitchen cupboard that can spruce up your space in no time.

White vinegar and dish soap might usually be reserved for household cleaning, but they can work their magic outdoors.

However, before embarking on home cleaning methods, it is important to check the type of stone your patio is made from.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before using either white vinegar or dish soap on your paving slabs.

How to clean your patio with white vinegar

A diluted water and white vinegar solution can work wonders to clean patios.

However, avoid using this on limestone slabs, as the acidity of the vinegar will permanently damage the surface.

For this method, you will need white vinegar, warm water, a bucket and a hard-bristled brush.

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In a bucket, mix a solution of white vinegar and water in equal measures.

If your patio is extremely dirty, you may want to up the amount of vinegar you use.

Next, pour your vinegar and water solution over the patio. The amount of solution you will need will depend on how big your patio is.

Leave the mixture to work into the paving slabs for 30 minutes to an hour.

You may need to use your brush to scrub away at particularly dirty regions.

Finally, clear the mixture away by swilling your patio with clean water, ensuring there is a draining point for it to flow into.

Leave to dry before replacing any patio furniture.

How to clean your patio with washing-up liquid

For this method, you will need washing-up liquid, warm water, a bucket and a hard-bristled brush.

Squirt a little bit of dish soap into a bucket and fill it with warm water.

Make sure the water bubbles up and creates lots of soapy suds, if not add more dish soap.

To clean your patio, start from the corners and work your way inwards, splashing each section with water before scrubbing with your brush.

Dirty and debris should noticeably lift and clean away.

Continue across your entire patio, and once done, wash away the dirty water with clean water.

Make sure there is a drainage point for the liquid to flow into.

Leave to dry before replacing any patio furniture or plant pots.

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