Opt for ‘deep’ colours when painting your fence to ‘draw attention’ to your garden

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Now that spring is in full force, many are going to be spending more time in the garden. Nobody wants to look at a worn on, tired-looking fence, so it’s time to spruce them up a little. The biggest question homeowners want the answer to this year is ‘what colour fence paint makes the garden look bigger?’. It is usually one of the biggest homes and gardens concerns, after ‘how to paint kitchen cabinets’ and ‘how to choose wallpaper for a living room’.

Instead of setting up a strong contrast between plants and background, garden designers recommend creating the illusion of space by bringing everything together in a complementary green and brown colour palette.  

Erika Woelfel, Vice-President of Colour & Creative Services at Behr Paint Company explained that greens “pair perfectly” with the colours of garden plants. She recommended a number of “deep” colours.

She said: “We recommend using Secret Meadow, a deep olive-ish green.

“Outdoors, this paint makes a stunning yet welcoming statement on a wooden garden gate, adding a sense of intrigue for guests about to enter your garden or backyard hideaway.

“This organic green pairs perfectly with soft sandy colours or light stucco, playing off the colours of nearby foliage.”

Rachel Perls, an architectural colour consultant and artist, recommends going a step further with a green-hued brown shade.

She said: “It’s the perfect natural mix of green, brown, and grey.

“It just sinks in the background, leaving the garden to attract all the attention. 

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“The paint colour is deep, so it recedes. It’s muted, so it doesn’t compete with the plants.”

A fence serves a practical purpose to create better privacy, so green is great for complementing foliage.

However, for those who want their wooden fence to blend seamlessly into the background Mark Osborne, director at Orangeries UK recommends always going for black.

He said: “Nothing beats a black stain on exterior timbers.

“A black fence removes the fence from our attention and makes a nicer landscaping design by drawing attention to the garden and to plants instead.

“Black wood stain is fast and easy to apply and doesn’t leave brush marks behind like paint. 

“Black stained timber behind green plants and gardens looks really good.”

Once gardeners have an idea of what colour they want to paint their fence, it is important to test out the colour on a panel to see how it looks.

Jimmy Englezos, Senior Product Manager at Ronseal said: “Before painting, thoroughly stir the paint you’re using until the colour is consistent throughout.

“Next, check you are happy with the colour by testing it out on a small area of the fence – remember that if the fence is previously painted in a dark or bold colour, it may take more coats to get the desired colour with the new paint.”

Once you’ve done all of the above, you’re ready to paint that dreary fence.

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