‘Neglect’ over winter makes herbs ‘tastier’ – how to grow rosemary, thyme and mint

Alan Titchmarsh shares how to lift herbs before winter

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Some herbs are hardy enough to survive the outdoors during the cold weather while others like to be brought inside. Chris Bonnett from Gardening Express has shared advice on how to grow herbs over the winter month. He said: “Tender herbs, like basil, are likely to only come dried or frozen by the time Christmas rolls around.

“However, Christmas dinner always tastes best fresh.

“Festive classics like thyme and rosemary are very hard and can withstand snow weather.

“Others, like oregano, can be grown inside during chillier months.

“All they usually need is a well-draining soil, container, and a sunny windowsill.”

Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs, especially around Christmas time.

It can be used to add flavour to a variety of different dishes as well as on potatoes.

The experts at Gardening Express explained: “Rosemary is perfect on roast potatoes but also makes a great plate decoration during the winter too.

“Plants and small trees are easy to pick up throughout the year and will happily live outside.

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“However, it is best to keep the plant above freezing, a garage or hallway is a good choice.”

According to the experts, thyme is a great option for “bad gardeners”.

This is because it requires such little care, even in the colder months.

The experts said: “The more neglect the thyme plant experiences, the tastier it apparently is, so bad gardeners should opt for this herb.

“The plant will happily grow in poor soil whilst rarely getting watered. 

“However, they will need mulching during frosty periods.”

Mint is a festive favourite, great for cocktails as well as being the main component of mint sauce.

The plant will thrive indoors throughout the winter period and will provide fresh leaves throughout the entire festive period.

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It is a hardy plant and requires little care to keep it blooming.

Britons who are growing parsley should consider bringing them indoors when the weather is cold.

Gardening Express experts explained: “Hardy herbs like parsley are likely to keep growing outside, even during snowfall.

“When cold, their growth will significantly slow down and parsley tastes better when freshly picked.

“For this reason, consider bringing them indoors to ensure a big crop to pick from. Leaves can be harvested when the leaves begin curling and for optimal flavour, pick from the plant early in the morning.”

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