‘Needs very little’: ‘Easy’ houseplant to care for that can ‘cope with anything’

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Houseplants have become especially popular in recent years with unusual plants popping up in homes across the nation. But for people who are not green-fingered, the idea of looking after a houseplant can feel daunting. Gardening expert Katie Rushworth has shared which houseplant is one of the easiest to look after in a video for Silverline Tools.

Katie, who has appeared on the ITV TV series Love Your Garden alongside Alan Titchmarsh, said this is a plant she grows at home that she knows is “really, really easy to look after and maintain”.

The plant Katie is referring to is an aspidistra which is native to eastern and southeastern Asia.

The plant needs “very little” in terms of care and “cope with anything”, according to the gardening expert.

She continued: “The Victorians called it a cast iron plant for the reason that it can cope with pretty much anything.

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“It will grow in a really shady part of the house.

“It needs very little in terms of watering and it rarely gets any pests and diseases.

“So it’s a real great plant if you don’t have green fingers whatsoever.

“I defy you not to be able to grow this really successfully.”

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In the wild, an aspidistra grows in shade under trees and shrubs.

The plant can cope with neglect but does need to be watered occasionally.

For this, Katie shared a “trick” which she called the “soil test”.

She explained further: “Now if I feel this it is still relatively damp so I will leave that another week or so before I water it.

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“I like to feed my houseplant from the bottom up.”

Katie suggested putting a saucer under the bottom of the plant’s container which will be filled with water.

The plant will absorb the water into its roots.

The other option is to put them in the sink for 20 minutes to allow them to soak up “as much water as possible”.

Gardeners should then put the plant back on the pot and place them wherever they want them in the house.

“That’s a really easy one – aspidistra or a cast-iron plant,” she added.

An aspidistra may need its leaves wiped with a damp cloth from time to time to keep it dust-free and shiny.

The plant likes to be squashed into a pot so it will only need repotting once the roots are emerging from the bottom of the pot.

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