‘Most important thing’ to do when killing weeds – or risk them returning ‘year after year’

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Weeds can be a nuisance in a garden, especially when they return year after year. Annual weeds, which sprout from seeds of other annual weeds, grow for a single year before dying off. Before dying, they will produce seeds that can germinate to then produce more plants the following year.

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This can be frustrating for gardeners, especially if they think they’ve tackled the problem.

Kate Turner, Miracle-Gro®’s gardening expert, has shared the “most important thing” to do when attempting to oust weeds for good.

Kate explained exclusively to Express.co.uk: “The most important thing is, don’t let them flower.

“So don’t let weeds set seed at this time of year.

“As soon as they flower you want to snip the heads off even if you haven’t got time to dig them out or you don’t want to use a spray or anything.

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“Then you just need to deadhead them, cut the tops off because they are prolific seed setters.

“And once they succeed you’re going to have them year after year.”

Perennial weeds are plants that can live for a few years and will keep growing back.

Many perennial weeds have large tap roots which suck moisture from the soil.

These can be more difficult to remove, which is why using a contact spray may be the best solution.

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Kate said the contact spray will kill the weeds by weakening them.

She said: “It literally kills on contact, goes onto the leaves and it’s almost like it scorches them, it kind of burns them almost.”

“The contact sprays we do are natural and pesticide-free and natural-based on pelargonic acid so don’t damage the environment,” she added.

While weeds are an eye-sore in some areas of the garden, it’s always a good idea to keep one patch of weeds for pollinators and wildlife.

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Weeds such as dandelions can be very beneficial to bees.

Dandelions provide pollen early in the season which is vital to bees.

The gardening expert explained: “A lot of weeds harbour pests and disease so it is quite a good idea if you want to get rid of them in certain areas of the garden.

“However, I would always leave a patch if you can, if you’ve got the space, to have some flowering weeds or some nettles.

“They’re good for caterpillars because we all want butterflies in our garden but we forget we also need caterpillars.

“Have a little patch of weeds but then for other ones use a contact spray.”

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