Monty Don shares his ‘rule of thumb’ for planting out tomato plants on Gardeners’ World

Gardener's World: Monty Don's tips on how to grow Parsley

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On the latest episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty Don shared how to maximise the amount of leaves on parsley, prune citrus trees and pot up dahlias. The 66-year-old was also adding some tomato plants to his container vegetable plot. He was planting a variety called “gardeners’ delight” which grows well outside and in a greenhouse.

The gardening expert decided to plant the tomatoes in three different types of grow bags.

While sharing the different ways to plant tomatoes in grow bags, Monty shared his “rule of thumb” for planting tomatoes.

He said: “As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t plant tomatoes until the first flowers open.

“And when you’re planting any tomato – doesn’t matter whether it’s in a grow, in the soil, outside in a greenhouse or in a pot – try and bury it as deep as the first pair of leaves.

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“That will anchor better and also grow roots that will improve feeding.”

Tomato plants also need a lot of water, especially when they get more established.

Monty said they need a “regular water supply”.

“With tomatoes it is important to keep a regular water supply,” he said.

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Monty was trying to “maximise the potential” of grow bags.

He will also be growing tomatoes in terracotta pots, raised beds, and plastic pots.

Grow bags are “ideal” for a small plot or even for those who don’t have a garden at all.

Gardeners can produce a relatively large harvest from very few plants by using grow bags.

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Tomato plants can be sown from February to April.

They can then be planted from May to June.

Tomato plants can then be harvested for their fruit from July to October.

Tomatoes need to be buried to a depth of around one centimetre.

They also need to be spaced around 40cm apart if they are being planted in rows in a bed.

Tomato plants are relatively easy to sow but thrive best in full sun.

As well as water, they need feeding weekly once they start flowering.

Gardeners’ World is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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