Meet the boho brand that’s a go-to for colourful soft furnishings

Bring bright colours, bold textiles, and quirky home accessories to your space with this female-owned interiors brand. 

If your home is in need of a little colour, then you may well be in the market for something from homeware brand Woven Rosa.

Co-founded by Lauren Selby, Woven Rosa is filled with colourful eclectic designs, from printed rugs and cushions to the cutest coasters, and will add an expressive and playful feel to your home.

The brand is largely inspired by travel, with current collections sourced from Peru and Mexico, and the brand prioritises bringing bold prints, lots of colour and timeless pieces to its customers.

From Peruvian sheep’s wool and alpaca blend floor cushions to wicker lampshades, we’ve selected a few of our favourite items that you should add to your list.

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  • Misk’i Frazada rug

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Misk’i Frazada rug

    This Misk’i Frazada checked rug features tonal shades of cream, pink and orange – it’s a classic and simple design that will bring warmth to your space.

    Shop Misk’i Frazada rug, £180


  • Jennifer sofa throw

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Jennifer sofa throw

    This Jennifer throw originated from the breathtaking highlands of the Sacred Valley region of Peru and will look stunning on a sofa or bed.

    Shop Jennifer sofa throw, £300


  • Pacha floor cushion 96

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Pacha Floor Cushion 96

    Ditch your sofa in favour of one of these striking floor cushions. The cushion is handwoven on back-strapped looms and then cut into size to create this bold design.

    Shop Pacha floor cushion 96, £86


  • Ember coaster set

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Ember coaster set

    Set your glasses on these colourful handwoven coasters, which originated from Oaxaca, Mexico, and make for the perfect table accessory. 

    Shop Ember coaster set, £12


  • Nest wicker shade

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Nest wicker shade

    Add some wicker to your decor with this Nest lampshade, which is a modern take on a classic design that will add texture and character to your living or bedroom space.

    Shop Nest wicker shade, from £27


  • Pacha cushion 115

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa

    One can never have too many cushions – and this colourful design features an array of tones that are used in Andean textiles and are all sourced from the earth.

    Shop Pacha cushion 115, £45


  • Camila Frazada rug

    Female-Founded Friday: Camila Frazada rug

    This electric orange rug will be a central focus of your living space and is sure to be loved by guests.

    Shop Camila Frazada rug, £280


  • Luna sofa throw

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Luna sofa throw

    A multipurpose throw that can work for the sofa or a picnic in the garden, this stylish and functional design is perfect to use year-round.

    Shop Luna sofa throw, £300


  • Sunset coaster set

    Female-Founded Friday: Woven Rosa Sunset coaster set

    These coasters have an interesting backstory as they’re handwoven using traditional Zapotec techniques by artisan weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico, and will look great beneath your coffee cups to candles and plants.

    Shop sunset coaster set, £12


Images: Woven Rosa

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