Make your rattan set ‘last even longer’: Follow absolutely vital expert cleaning advice

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Rattan is among the most popular styles of furniture for the outdoors. The natural material makes for a relaxed but chic feel in your garden. What do you need to know to choose and maintain rattan?

Rattan expert Jonny Brierly had wise words for Britons who own or hope to soon own some rattan furniture.

The CEO of Moda Furnishings, rattan garden, outdoor and patio furniture specialist, said it is vital to know whether your furniture contains a certain ingredient.

He said: “If you are choosing a rattan set, it’s important to know whether the rattan contains PE (Polyethylene) and what the frame is made from.

“This will affect the maintenance of your set.”

If you are looking for weather-resistant rattan there is a key combination, Jonny said.

“The best combination for weather resistance is PE rattan along with powder-coated aluminium frames,” he said.

“PE rattan is excellent for resistance to rain, snow, frost, and even UV rays, while powder-coated aluminium frames will suffer from no rust so your set will last much longer than other rattan sets.

“Thanks to this, minimal maintenance is required, although any set will still need a clean from time to time, removing dirt and mildew.”

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So how do you clean and care for your rattan?

Jonny said: “To do this we recommend a brush or vacuum, for smaller awkward spaces where dirt is difficult to remove, we recommend something smaller like a toothbrush.

“When using a cloth to clean your furniture we recommend something soft with highly diluted washing up liquid, avoiding harsh chemicals.

“If chemicals are too harsh and used to clean your set repeatedly this could do some damage over time and bleach the colour.

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“Although not necessary, we would still recommend using one as this will better keep your set protected from dirt and outdoor debris such as leaves but will also contribute to your set lasting even longer overall.”

He recently gave his tips to make a small garden look bigger using garden furniture. 

He said: “Storage and multifunctionality are the two key elements that all outdoor furniture for small gardens should have.

“Furniture that interlocks when not in use is a great option to limit the footprint of the furniture, allowing you to use your garden for other activities.”

How to clean rattan furniture

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or duster to remove dust
  • Clean up stains as soon as possible
  • Use a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid and wipe it over the furniture before rinsing with clean water
  • Use a toothbrush to clean between the rattan

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