Lawn care: Three last minute gardening jobs to do this weekend – ‘do the groundwork now’

Home Depot: How to ready your lawn for Spring

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As the soil warms up and new growth appears, there’s plenty to get done in the garden ahead of April and May – and lawn care should be at the top of your to do list. But with little time left to get your grass in gear, it can be hard to know where to start with your garden lawn. To make things easier, spoke to Chris Mcllroy, lawn expert for The Grass People, to find out the three most important lawn-care tasks to get done before the end of March.

The bright spring weather provides the perfect conditions for weekend gardening, and rejuvenating your lawn is a great place to start.

Lawn care is best done in early spring when the budding shoots begin to crop up, but before any significant growth appears – so now is crucial to secure luscious garden grass for summer.

There are a few key tools required for these last-minute jobs, so clean up your rake and mower and gather plenty of grass seed before getting stuck in.

Last minute gardening jobs to do before the end of March

Speaking exclusively to, Chris Mcllroy, lawn expert for The Grass People said: “As the temperatures start to increase, the desire to spend more and more time in our gardens will too.

“If you’re hoping to sow a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn, make sure you do the groundwork now.”

Remove moss and weeds

Moss and weeds won’t just leave your lawn looking untidy, but they could also be responsible for stunted, limp growth.

Use a clean rake to scarify your lawn by brushing it through the surface of the grass.

Apply plenty of force to unearth clusters of thatch and dislodge stubborn weeds or sitting moss.

You can use a lawn edger to sharpen the perimeter of your grass and hand-pick visible weeds.

Christ added: “Each lawn takes around six to eight weeks to fully establish, so the sooner you start removing weeds and moss, the sooner you can start sowing your new lawn.”

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Overseed after moss and weed removal

While scarifying and aerating your lawn will unearth deep rooted weeds and moss, it can often look worse than when you first started.

Normally, you will notice some patches appearing on your lawn once weeds and moss have been removed, so it’s best to fill bare spots with seed straight after in order to even out your lawn.

Overseed to repair winter damage

Chris said: “After winter, our lawns can emerge looking a bit battered and worn down due to the weather and wear and tear – a far cry from how you left them last summer!

“Overseeding your lawn will help to revive the look of your lawn and leave it looking thick and full once again.”

Remember – it takes six to eight weeks for these new seeds to establish, so the sooner you sow, the sooner you can kick back and relax in your new grass.

Mow your lawn

This might feel like an obvious job, but spring is the perfect time for that first mow after a cold winter.

It is important to get this done before April in order to stimulate fresh growth as the weather warms up even more.

According to Chris, it’s best to only remove one-third of a grass’s length when mowing, so make sure you use a high-cut setting for optimum results.

Before going in with your mower, you should also check that the blades are sharp and clean in order to achieve a sleek cut – you could end up pulling out parts of your lawn if you’re not careful.

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