‘Kills them all instantly’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to get rid of ants using icing sugar

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As the summer months are soon approaching, gardeners may have noticed convoys of ants going to and fro in their garden. Some may have even made it into homes in search of sugar. Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared a hack for removing ants without using harmful chemicals. Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning guru who became famous on social media for sharing her cleaning, tidying, DIY and now gardening tips.

She now has over 4.4 million followers on Instagram and has authored several books.

Fans of hers have created their own cleaning and gardening groups on social media to share their own tips.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Gardening Tips, one woman asked for advice on how to help her pest infested garden.

Liz Balderson-Storey said: “Help! My whole garden has been infested with ants. I don’t mean a few, they have almost taken over.

“I have a large garden and have tried so many organic answers but they just get worse.

“Even walking on the grass and standing for a minute or two leaves you covered with ants. Has anyone got any ideas?”

Liz’s post received nearly 80 comments all suggesting using natural products.

The most popular comment was to use icing sugar mixed with baking soda to get rid of ants.

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June Allen said: “Use icing sugar with a bit of baking soda to sprinkle around the nest and it will kill them all instantly.”

Vick Walker commented: “Put icing sugar and baking soda in a shallow container, such as the lids of gravy granules, and leave them next to the affected areas.”

Sarah Pritchard wrote: “Baking soda with icing sugar was the only thing that worked for me.”

Alison Gee agreed: “Yes icing sugar and baking soda worked for me too. Make sure to top it up everyday.”

One Mrs Hinch fan suggested that gardeners can use any powders to oust ants from the garden.

Keeley Hughes said: “Any powder on nests is the only thing that gets rid of them and doesn’t harm pets.”

Icing sugar can be picked up from Sainsbury’s for as littles as 85p.

Baking soda can be picked up from Tesco for only 59p.

The powdered sugar will attract the ants to the mixture. 

The ants will take it back to their nest and eat it. 

The baking soda kills ants by drying out their bodies and disrupting their natural chemistry.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using boiling water, talcum powder and cinnamon to get rid of ants.

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