‘I’ve found a solution for keeping my farm weed-free all year long’

A popular TikTok gardener has lift the lid on the ‘game-changing’ solution she relies on for keeping her 15-acre farm weed-free all year long.

Content creator @hopewillholly shared the secret with her 62,000 TikTok followers, claiming she only has to use once a year to keep her grounds free of unwanted grass.

The gardening pro swears by RM43, which packs powerful agents used to eliminate weeds and prevents them from returning for long periods.

All kinds of verdure take up residence on patios and driveways, but some – namely woody perrenials and tree stumbs – are more stubborn than others.

Fortunately, the glysophate in RM43 has proven highly effective for eliminating some of the most stubborn plants in a flash, including kudzu, poison ivy and poison oak.

The content creator explained: “I don’t know how many country people follow me but I’m gonna tell you what I use to kill those dang weeds around my house, in my flower beds, and my ditch.

“Because I have a 15-acre farm that I use as a fish farm and […] event venue.”

Showing off her immaculate driveway, she continued: “I’ve got the best stuff. I used this stuff last year and when you spray this down, it kills that grass anywhere from six to 12 months.”

“It’s a little expensive but you only have to do it once a year and it does the best job,” she added, holding up a bottle of weed killer.

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@hopewithholly The best weed/grass eliminator on the market!! do you spray it once and it kills everything for an entire year! Click on the link in my bio and go to my Amazon store and click on outside fun and it’s right there. And it’s on sale right now! #countrylife #pondlife #farmlife #countrygirl #landscape #weedkiller #rm43 ♬ original sound – Hope with Holly

The product, which retails at $155 (£122) for 2.5 gallons, only requires one annual application for long-lasting results, and can be used on fences, gravel paths, sidewalks, and driveways, where weed growth is more prominent.

“I use a big five-gallon sprayer and I’m so happy I only have to do this once or twice, so go ahead and get this, it will change your life,” she added.

Many viewers hurried to the comment section to endorse the product, with several confirming that it delivers on all of its promises.

“Yep it works,” wrote one viewer in the comment section, to which another agreed: “Love it!! I use it too. Total game changer.”

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