‘Instantly’ transform your home and garden into a ‘buyers’ dream’

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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As the property market faces a drop in buyer demand, transforming an outdoor space could be one of the most effective ways to make a home stand out from the crowd. There are various ways to spruce up a garden, from simple jobs such as removing unsightly weeds, to adding a patio space or decoration to boost the value of a home.

With this in mind, outdoor experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have shared their 10 tips to help those who are unsure of how to spruce up their outdoor space when putting their home on the market.

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “Updating your outdoor space to fit what a buyer is looking for can be a tricky task if not thought out carefully.

“With the state of the housing market leaving sellers in a slight state of panic, it’s important to explore different ways to update your outdoor living space and make your home stand out for potential buyers.

“Simple tasks such as cutting the grass down to two and a half inches, as well as giving the fence a fresh coat of paint, can transform your garden into a buyer’s dream.”

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1. Remove weeds

Start by removing any weeds that may have been left to grow wild during the wet weather. Weeds can look unattractive, especially when they grow in between paving slabs, in cracks on driveways or in the middle of lawns.

The experts said: “Mulch is also a great way to control excessive weed growth and, if applied correctly to overgrown areas, it can instantly improve the look of a garden.”

2. Mow the lawn

This is a simple task which can often get overlooked, but it’s a vital one that can make gardens look clean and tidy attracting potential buyers.

If the grass is neat and cut down to around two-and-a-half inches, then it shows that the space is well-maintained and means less work for the new owner.

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3. Tidy up the space

The experts said: “First impressions always count and if your outdoor space is full of broken chairs or litter scattered around the garden, it could quite easily put people off from buying the property.

“To make the space tidier, make sure to clean up any excess debris, rake fallen leaves and trim the hedges.”

4. Complete unfinished work

When people are visiting a property, unfinished work can stand out – and not in a good way.

Make sure there are no neglected garden DIY projects, and, if there are, get on top of finishing them before putting the property on the market. Buyers won’t want to inherit unfinished projects.

5. Dress up outdoor furniture

Having outdoor furniture is now a must-have for outdoor lovers who want to make the most of relaxing in their gardens.

To improve existing furniture, add some waterproof pillows to brighten up the space. If the furniture is worn out, either hide the unpleasant seating areas with a lightweight blanket or replace it.

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6. Add a standout feature

If you’re selling a property, sellers should ensure it leaves a lasting impression on the people looking to buy it.

Having a standout feature such as a water fountain or a cobblestone sculpture can not only enhance a garden’s appearance, but it can also help people visualise how the space might look with their own ideas.

7. Minimalistic decorations

Simplicity is often key when it comes to refining an outdoor area, and decorating the area with a minimalistic aesthetic can help create a clean canvas for potential buyers.

This will let them picture how they want to use and adapt the garden space. Using neutral colours such as greys, blacks and wood tones is best.

8. Repaint fences

The experts recommended applying “a fresh coat of matte black paint to your fence to enhance a modern look in the garden”.

They added: “You could take this further by placing some fairy lights around the fences to create a cosy atmosphere and add a homely touch to the outdoor area. Buyers will feel the cosiness themselves and want to spend more time there.”

9. Add a patio space

Having an outdoor entertainment area can “instantly boost the value of your home” because potential buyers can view how the space can work for all types of occasions.

Patio spaces can be used all year round too. From soaking up the sun in the summer to gathering around a fire pit in the winter.

10. Stage the stylish space

The experts said: “Get the garden prepped and ready to showcase to people looking to buy the property.

“Having the area staged will help to highlight its best features which can help to attract buyers, as having an unfinished garden can sway people away due to the fear of high maintenance costs. Set it up so it looks like you’re just about to host a party or soiree.”

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