‘Incredibly sought-after’: Houseplant varieties worth hundreds – most valuable unveiled

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Household jungles have boomed in recent years with photos of living spaces full of plants making a regular appearance on social media. For some people houseplants are a hobby, but for others, it has become an investment. According to Google trend data, the search term “rare indoor plants” has received a 202.06 percent increase within the last month alone.

Gardening expert John Dempsey at Housetastic has shared the seven rarest and most expensive plants in the world.

Variegated Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Cost: £12,000 per leaf

This plant was discovered in 1893 and can grow as tall as 12 feet.

Mr Dempsey said the reason the plant is rare is its “variegation”.

He explained: “In this case, the variegation is the white specs on the plant that is the result of a deficiency in the green pigment chlorophyll within some of the plant cells.

“A Variegated Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma is incredibly rare and has previously sold in auction at £40,000.”

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Variegated Swiss cheese

Cost: £699

This gorgeous plant is also known as the Swiss cheese albino and is often sold in cuttings.

This variety of Swiss cheese plant has a lack of chlorophyll which means it needs additional light and grows slower than average.

The variegation also adds to the plant’s eye-watering price.

Mr Dempsey added: “Half-moon leaves are incredibly popular as are leaves with full variegation, however, be careful of a fully variegated leaf as it means that the leaf cannot produce its own food via photosynthesis.”

Monstera Thai Constellation

Cost: £700

This plant is another member of the Swiss cheese family but is more rare.

One of the reasons this plant is so rare is because it can only be found in southern Mexico.

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The plant is “incredibly sought-after” which means demand often outstrips supply levels.

Alocasia Azlanii

Cost: £250

Only recently cultivated, this plant is in high demand.

The plant must be kept in very warm conditions like in a conservatory.

Mr Dempsey added: “The Alocasia Azlanii is set to be a good long-term investment as demand is not set to reduce”.

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White Princess Philodendron

Cost: £180

This plant is rare due to “demand, location, scarcity and variegation”.

The plant is currently one of the most in demand rare houseplants.

The White Princess Philodendron needs “bright but indirect sunlight” to encourage its variegation.

“If a white princess isn’t given enough light, then it can lose its variegation,” the houseplant expert added.

Alocasia Silver Dragon

Cost: £35

The houseplant expert said: “The Alocasia Silver Dragon has silver green leaves with dark green veins.

“The leaves themselves are textured like dragon scales and the plant itself is very rare.

“The silver dragon is from southeast Asia, and therefore requires a bright room.

“Categorised as a rare aroid plant, the leaves are prone to sunburn so it’s crucial that it is kept away from direct sunlight.”

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