Ikea launches rustic-inspired kitchen and tableware collection just in time for autumn

The Krösamos collection features a range of kitchen and table home accessories and will be available to purchase from 1 September.

In less than a month, the UK will be leaving its long summer days behind for autumn – and I’m not too sure how I feel about that.

After all, the prospect of a new season can bring about a range of emotions, with some still wanting to bask in the summer sun (me, for example) while others eagerly await the cooler temperatures that autumn brings alongside a plethora of golden-brown leaves falling from trees and cosy jumpers suddenly replacing summer dresses.

But whatever season you prefer, it doesn’t change the fact that autumn will soon be upon us – and it’s time to get our wardrobes and interiors in check.

If you’re looking to inject an autumnal vibe into your home over the next few weeks in preparation for the new season, Ikea’s latest Krösamos collection is a great place to start.

Ikea Krösamos collection

Ikea Krösamos collection

The seasonal kitchenware and tableware collection focuses on sustainable living and includes a range of rustic-inspired home accessories including trays, placemats, bottles, jars and tea towels.

In typical autumn fashion, the collection comes in a range of subtle hues, from warm browns and creams to maroon and amber shades.

The rustic details combined with contemporary touches make the collection great for any interior style and can perfectly transition from autumn to winter.

Ikea Krösamos collection

Ikea Krösamos collection

Ikea Krösamos collection

“Aiming to help families to make smarter, sustainable and healthier choices, Krösamos encourages you to harvest and take care of the food that grows close by,” say Ikea. 

“Whether from your garden, balcony, local farmers’ market or foraging in the woods, this collection will help to bring joy to seasonal preserving or cooking, encouraging new rituals and habits.”

Ikea’s Krösamos collection will be available to shop online and in stores from 1 September.

Images: Ikea

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