I removed stains from outdoor cushions using £1 product in 10 minutes

Outdoor cushions are similar to indoor cushions, but they are often made of a different fabric as well as being treated with UV protection. This means cleaning outdoor cushions can be difficult, especially if they become stained or marked. After I recently left my egg chair cushion outside overnight, it became heavily stained which proved to be hard to eradicate.

If your outdoor cushions have removable inner cushions you may be able to pop them into the washing machine.

Make sure to refer to the label on the cover to see if they can be washed and at what temperature.

However, my egg chair cushion stated that it could be sponge cleaned only, so I attempted to clean it with hot soapy water a few times.

This didn’t work and the stains came back instantly which was really disappointing as I wasn’t sure what else to use.

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I then reached for some white vinegar in my cleaning cupboard as it can help to remove both stains and mildew from outdoor cushions.

I went for my Stardrops white vinegar spray which I picked up in The Range for around £1, which can help to remove tough stains.

The company behind the spray said: “Suitable for use on surfaces including glass and fabric, this 750ml cleaning solution is sure to come in handy around the home.”

I took the spray and spritzed the outdoor cushion before gently scrubbing the stains with a microfibre cloth.

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The stains instantly disappeared but I left it to dry fully before seeing the final results, which were amazing.

After the outdoor cushion had fully dried, there still were some stains remaining, although it was significantly better than before.

I decided to go in again with the white vinegar spray before leaving it to fully dry and the stains completely disappeared.

White vinegar is a great stain remover due to the acetic acid it contains and it can also be used to clean laundry.

Other methods to clean outdoor cushions involve making a paste with white vinegar and baking soda or opting for washing up liquid if there are no stains.

However, it is important to remember to bring the cushions inside if it is forecasted to rain to prevent mould, mildew or stains on the cushions.

As well as regularly cleaning cushions, it is also important to clean furniture including rattan, metal and wooden.

Laura Schwarze, Head of Luxury Rattan, said: “If you find there is dirt trapped in the weave of the rattan, grab a toothbrush to loosen it.

“You should then be able to wipe or vacuum it away with ease. When it comes to washing your rattan furniture, it’s important to be gentle and avoid any harsh cleaners or chemicals.”

For the best spot clean, the expert recommended using warm soapy water and wiping it down gently. Laura added: “Once you have cleaned your furniture make sure to check the feet of your chairs and tables and replace them with new pads if they are scratched or damaged to bring them back to life and improve their longevity.”

Many garden items are made from steel, meaning rust can build up if kept outdoors for long periods. Rust can thrive in hot and dry environments as well as rainy conditions so it is important to be aware of rust prevention.

Managing Director, Paul McFayden at metals4U said: “Rust is generally a tough type of corrosion to clean from metal surfaces, and therefore must be treated with the right care as to not damage your furniture. The best way to remove rust if you have already spotted it on your furniture is simple.”

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