How to kill off moss without harming your garden lawn – dish soap is ‘safe and effective’

Gardening tips: How to remove moss on drives and patios

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Your lawn is the centrepiece of your garden, but when unexpected weeds and moss start to spring up, they can cause chaos. This is especially true if you want to avoid using pesticides which can be harmful to surrounding plants and the wider environment.

When dealing with weeds, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) urges gardeners to try natural methods of removal before reaching for chemical-based weed killers.

It states: “The RHS believes that avoiding pests, diseases and weeds by good practice in cultivation methods, cultivar selection, garden hygiene and encouraging or introducing natural enemies, should be the first line of


When it comes to tackling moss, there is one handy household item that could do the job without the need for pesticides.

According to, moss can be killed using “natural dish soap”.

However, the experts stress that people ensure the dish soap they use is a natural one that does not contain harsh chemicals.

They recommend using “a nontoxic gentle liquid dish soap”. states: “Natural dish soap can be a safe and effective method for killing moss in your lawn.

“If your lawn drains into a nearby water system, consider the health of that water source before choosing a dish soap that has chemical ingredients.”

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How to kill moss using dish soap

To begin, mix two ounces of dish soap with one gallon of water.

Transfer this solution into a spray bottle so you can effectively spritz the affected area.

Spray the solution up close to the moss patches, making sure to drench them entirely.

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However, you shouldn’t be so enthusiastic with your spraying that you catch the surrounding grass.

This could have a negative impact on your lawn.

Dig up or rake out the moss once it has dried and turned brown.

Finally, dispose of the dead moss away from your lawn.

If moss spores are able to reach the grass, you might wake up to find new moss growth.

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