How to grow an avocado from a pit: Grow ‘terrific’ indoor plant using ‘toothpicks’

Avocados: The Home Depot details how to grow fruit plants

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Avocados have become a popular fruit in the UK thanks to their incredible health benefits. Avocados are rich in fibre, healthy fats, vitamin C, E, B6, potassium, magnesium and folate. Many Britons enjoy the creamy texture of the fruit on toast for breakfast with eggs and other ingredients.

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When opening an avocado, many people automatically chuck the pit in the bin.

Instead of throwing it away, avocados pits can actually be planted to create an avocado tree.

An expert from The Home Depot has shared exactly how to grow an avocado from a pit.

The expert said avocado makes a “terrific houseplant” that’s “easy to grow” from the pit of an avocado you have eaten.

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To get started, gardeners will need to collect some supplies such as a clean glass or jar, toothpicks, a flower pot, compost, a spade, fertiliser and a spray bottle.

The first thing to do is wash the avocado pit so any green residue has been washed off.

The experts said: “You’ll need to stick three or four wooden toothpicks into the wide end of a freshly washed pit about a third of the way down.

“Next, fill a glass with water and rest the toothpicks on the rim so the pit is halfway submerged in water.

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“Place the glass in a warm spot with bright light like a windowsill.”

Roots will start to appear in two to six weeks.

When the pit cracks and a sprout appears, the plant needs transporting into a container with potting soil.

The pit needs to be planted so the top half of it is exposed.

Water the plant and put it in a sunny, warm spot for a “fuller plant”.

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When the plant reaches six inches tall, pinch off the tip of the stem.

Then, repot the plant when it outgrows its current container or until it’s as large as you want it to grow.

Then, fertilise the with a balanced citrus and avocado plant food.

The plant can be relocated outdoors if the weather is reliably warm.

However, in the UK, it may only be best to do this in the summer months.

Avocado trees grow best in moderately warm temperatures of 15.5C to 29C.

Try to avoid freezing temperatures.

Before planting an avocado pit, gardeners should be warned it’s unlikely to produce any fruit for five to 13 years.

It’s also unlikely that the plant will produce fruit indoors.

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