How to get rid of slugs in your garden with 49p fizzy pop

Monty Don shares ways to stop slugs eating young plants

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Tackling an invasion of slugs in your garden is easily done, with everything from beer to white vinegar working a treat on these plant-loving pests. Coke has proven its place when it comes to gardening having already made its mark as a compost additive and growth booster. Luring slugs in with the rich scent of this sweet household drink will quickly drive them away without costing you a fortune – and this is the best way to do it.

How to get rid of slugs using cola

The concept of using sweet foods or liquids to attract insects and pests like slugs is a common trick used by Brits throughout the year.

Just as jam attracts ants, cola can be used to trap wasps and slugs when they begin to become a nuisance in your garden.

Making this cola trap works on the same principle as the beer trick often used to deter slugs.

Simply fill up a low set bowl with Coca Cola or any off-brand version which will cost you just 49p.

You could just leave an open can of this enticingly sweet drink out if you would prefer.

Position the bowl or can in slug-hot spots (or follow the shimmering trail) and leave overnight.

The slugs will make a beeline for this acidic drink and eventually become trapped in the stickiness of the fizzy liquid.

Check the trap the following morning as the dewy autumn grass appears and dispose of the liquid trap.

Does cola kill slugs?

The acidity of this super sweet, deep brown liquid is what gives it an oomph when it comes to using it in the garden.

Citric acid which is found in Coca Cola, as well as unbranded cola or coke drinks, works a treat as an acid fertiliser, compost ingredient and is making its mark as a pesticide.

Using cola to kill slugs is a two-step trick:

  1. The sweetness of this drink is used to attract the slugs to a concentrated area.
  2. Then the intense concentration of acid kills the slugs and even snails once ‘soaked’ in this sugary liquid.

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Cola slug-trap tips:

Using cola to trap slugs and keep them from eating your plants will only work if you set the trap out properly.

Consider burying the bowl in autumnal leaves, or try making a secure covering which surrounds the can or bowl to disguise the sweet liquid.

Position the trap in a lowered ditch to keep it level with the grass for a more effective repellent.

Choose a bowl which is as close to ground level as possible to ensure the slugs are able to slither into the pool of cola.

Slug repellent plants

For a long-term solution to slugs invading your garden, there are plenty of fragrant plants you can add to your beds and borders to keep them away.

Aromatic herbs like common rue are just one of many naturally slug-repellent plants.

Others include:

  • Wormwood
  • Lavender
  • Fennel
  • Anise
  • Rosemary

You can also try pungent coffee grounds sprinkled across soil or pathways in your garden to deter slugs from trailing their way into your beloved plants.

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