How to get a ‘luscious’ green lawn within a ‘few hours’ just in time for the Bank Holiday

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, explained: “British weather is unpredictable and if it rains on the day, feet will get muddy and sink into the ground. For that reason, you’ll need to prepare your lawn in advance. Start by removing any moss or weeds, tidying up borders and trimming your lawn down so people can see where they’re walking.

“If you’re really wanting to impress your guests, mow using a mower with a roller to put stripes into the lawn.

“Remember to clean your decking/patio slabs if you have them, a simple jet wash will do.”

In the days leading up to a party or gathering, the expert said it is “important” not to overwater the grass.

Carlos said: “We’d even recommend avoiding watering for a few days before your party.

“This will ensure the ground is firm, and the firmer it is, the less damage there will be from foot traffic.

“If you’re placing heavy weights onto your lawn, it’s inevitable there will be some damage and this is because over time, the soil beneath the grass will begin compacting.

“When this happens, the roots won’t be able to get enough nutrients, causing grass to brown and die.”

If using any heavy equipment such as tables and chairs, it is best to set it up as late as possible.

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When finished using it, packing it away as soon as possible can also help to minimise any damage to the lawn.

Carlos continued: “If your lawn doesn’t have that luscious green you’re hoping for, a green treatment will rectify this within just a few hours.

There are lots of green treatments on the market, including TotalLawn Instant Green.

Green treatments get to work instantly, and can be applied as often as needed.

The lawn expert continued: “It’s also important to pay attention to how much weight is on any one part of your lawn, for anything massively heavy, keep them to decking and patios if you can.

“If that’s not an option, lay down a wooden crate, as this will spread the weight out over a larger area minimising the chances of damage.”

On the day of any Bank Holiday celebrations, Carlos said to avoid mowing the lawn as a little extra length can provide cushioning for anyone walking over it.

He added: “Instead, mow a few days before the big event, this will suffice in maintaining a presentable lawn.

“However, you could just roll your mower up and down the lawn, while switched off, to put stripes in the lawn.

“Split drinks and dropped food are common at a party but leaving them to settle on your lawn can cause discolouration and patching.

“To avoid this, clear up any mess as you see it.

“For drink spillages a simple hose down will do fine to reduce the chances of damaging your lawn.”

For aftercare, Carlos recommended checking the overall health of the lawn.

In areas of lots of football, it may need aerating to prevent compaction.

The lawn expert said gardeners should also fertilise their lawns if necessary. 

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