Houseplants: Main reason ‘people fail’ when caring for their indoor plants – ‘gets baked!’

Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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Most houseplants will require different conditions, depending on where they usually grow. Despite many houseplants coming from warmer climates than our own, intense rays of sunlight won’t necessarily be the best conditions for them. Some houseplants require shadier spots, some like dappled shade and others love humidity.

Founder of GardeningExpress, Chris Bonnett has shared his tricks for looking after houseplants in spring and summer.

The gardening expert said houseplant owners should look at where they’ve got their indoor plants positioned because this can be where “people fail”.

He exclusively told “Have a look at your houseplants and where you’ve got them situated.

“If you’ve got a really bright, sunny south-facing window which may have been perfect for the winter for a plant, particularly a new one.

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“That could become a bit of a scorching furnace for some varieties.

“If they’re a bit sun sensitive, you want to move them into a different window that’s not too sunny.

“That can happen quite a lot. People fail with houseplants quite often when they’ve bought one in the winter then come the summer, it gets baked.

“It just doesn’t like those conditions too hot.”

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Chris said a lot of houseplants do like shade.

Many houseplants like philodendrons, begonias and some monsteras are from the rainforest.

This is important to consider when positioning a houseplant.

He continued: “If you think about a lot of houseplants, they come from jungle environments.

“They’re under that leaf canopy of trees where there’s quite a bit of shade and dappled shade.

“You want to mimic those conditions in the house.

“Get a window that’s perhaps not south-facing for any sun sensitive ones.”

Ferns, banana trees, rubber trees and bromeliads are also found in tropical rainforests.

Some of these plants will thrive in bathrooms where it’s usually darker, more humid, warm and steamy.

Those who are new to houseplants should start off with some low maintenance, easy-to-care-for plants.

The peace lily is great for this as they don’t require a lot of light.

They can grow to be up to four feet tall and can even clean and purify the air.

Another easy option is the snake plant which likes low light and occasional watering.

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