Houseplants expert shares how to choose the ‘right plants’ for your home – essential tips

Houseplants: Experts explain why leaves might be falling off

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Houseplants can add colour and a touch of nature to a home while having a positive impact on a person’s health. Some houseplants can boost mood while others can purify the air. However, not all houseplants have simple needs with some varieties requiring extra care and attention.

Some houseplants need lots of humidity, which can be difficult to create in the UK’s current climate.

Others require a careful watering schedule which can be hard to maintain.

Now, CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, Silver Spence, has shared exclusively with how to choose the “right plants” for your home.

Silver said “everyone has a green thumb” but it all depends on the plant itself.

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She explained: “Everyone has a green thumb, they just need to find the right plants.

“Research the plants you like and see how they fit into your life.

“If they seem too advanced but you really want them, prepare for them!

“If you find that your life is not suited for tropical plants with high needs, choose something a little less demanding and go down the buck until you find your match.”

Friends or Friends is the UK’s number one destination for baby plants.

They’re a small independent company bringing affordable houseplants to your doorstep.

Some of the toughest houseplants to keep alive include the Boston fern, orchids, banana plants and Swiss cheese plants.

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Boston fern

Boston ferns may look beautiful but they need growing conditions similar to those they have in the wild – tropical and subtropical rainforests.

They need lots of humidity and filtered light which can be difficult to get right.

If the plant isn’t getting the correct conditions, it will shed its leaves.


Orchids are tropical plants that need bright indirect sunlight.

They also don’t like to be overwatered with less often being more for these difficult plants.

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Orchids will show their owners when they’re suffering in their leaves.

Too much sunlight will be indicated with red-blushed leaves while dark green leaves mean they’re not getting enough sun.

Banana plant

This is a perennial houseplant which needs tropical conditions including 12 hours of direct light each day – a difficult requirement during the winter months.

Rooms need to be kept at a warm temperature but not too hot.

Banana plants also need a lot of water, a deep pot and mulch on its surface.

Swiss cheese plants

Also known as monsteras, these tropical plants have become especially popular over the last few years.

It’s lush, green leaves require the perfect amount of sun so owners need to find the right spot in their homes.

Some experts have also recommended washing the plant’s leaves every week or fortnight as well.

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