Home and Away confirms who is dead in horror season finale shooting

With a plethora of Home and Away characters in danger as the Northern Districts Hospital comes under seige, fans of the Australian soap have no doubt been speculating which of the mainstays will die in the huge season finale.

The episode — which is due to air in the UK next year — was recently seen by Australian viewers, and — spoiler alert — it was Mason Morgan (Orpheus Pledger) who ended up getting caught up in the action and losing his life as a result.

Yes, the highly-anticipated season finale saw Northern Districts Hospital become the scene of a hostage situation, as a group of mysterious men storm the hospital with guns in hand.

With the hospital under siege, Mason decided to take a stand, and thus tried to help Bella (Courtney Miller). However, his act of bravery ultimately resulted in him being shot dead by the gunman.

On his departure from the soap, actor Orpheus Pledger told Now To Love: ‘I’m so appreciative of all that I got to do, all I got to see, all that I got to learn, all that I got to experience over those almost four years. Look, it was an amazing journey, I mean it’s humongous, life altering stuff. I wouldn’t take any of it back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I reflect back on it and I just go, far out I had some amazing times.’

‘It was a joint decision. It was between the production moving forward and setting storylines, and me planning what’s going on [with my career]. I signed on for three years and I extended for eight months – I’m just grateful for that! That’s a blessing just in that.’

‘It was a creative decision because it benefits the show the most at this time.’

Mason originally showed up in 2016, when he arrived in Summer Bay with siblings Tori (Penny McNamee), Brody (Jackson Heywood) and Justin (James Stewart).

Home and Away will be taking a six-week hiatus in the UK and, upon its return, UK viewers will be able to see the gripping season finale for themselves when it airs in March.

Home and Away returns to Channel 5 in January 2020.

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