Hide your laundry in one of these stylish baskets

From arty crafty baskets to sleek and slick metal vessels, these are officially the chicest laundry baskets money can buy.

While it could be seen as one of the most banal corners of your bedroom, or living space in general, a laundry basket plays home to your arsenal of clothes as they hop from wardrobe to washing machine and back again. So, really, isn’t it time to upgrade to a vessel as stylish as your clothes?

After all, we may not care for the act of laundry itself – who can really be bothered with the act of loading and unloading the washing machine? – but let’s show some respect to our clothes by allowing them to spend the interim period between washing in a home they (and you) are proud of.

From arty crafty baskets to sleek and slick metal laundry bins, we’ve scoured the internet for the best – and most stylish – baskets that money can buy.  

  • Made.com Moss laundry bin

    Made.com Moss laundry bin

    This chic and neutral-toned laundry basket is the stuff of dreams. We love its dark metal casing and soft linen interior; this is a laundry bin for life!

    Shop Made.com Moss laundry bin, £35


  • Homary gold metal laundry basket

    Homary gold metal laundry basket

    While far from cheap, this gold metal laundry basket will be a handy addition to any home thanks to its sextet of wheels, making for easy movement throughout your house.

    Shop Homary gold metal laundry basket, £113.99


  • Afrikrea Comoe Art laundry basket

    Afrikrea Comoe Art laundry basket

    Handwoven in Senegal with grass and recycled plastic, this basket can double as a home for your dirty laundry or a general storage bin for your home –whatever you fancy!

    Shop Comoe Art laundry basket at Afrikrea, £94.90


  • Habitat Idaho Bamboo weave laundry bin

    Habitat Idaho Bamboo weave laundry bin

    Perfect for spicing up a neutral living space, this square-shaped bamboo monochrome laundry bin is seriously stylish. 

    Shop Habitat Idaho Bamboo weave laundry bin at Argos, £45


  • Baba Tree Apika basket

    Baba Tree Apika basket

    For all the maximalists out there, this one’s for you. Available in a line-up of fun prints, this basket is a statement in and of itself and we love it. 

    Shop Baba Tree Apika basket at Couverture & The Garbstore, £45


  • Matalan rope laundry basket

    Matalan rope laundry basket

    Equally, if you veer more towards minimalism in your home, this creamy-toned knotted rope basket will be a lovely way of housing your dirty washing. 

    Shop Matalan rope laundry basket, £30


  • The Cornrow Farafina wave basket

    The Cornrow Farafina wave basket

    Whether you use it for your washing, or as a pretty house for a new house plant, this woven basket, which is handmade by artisans in Ghana, is a seriously chic offering. 

    Shop The Cornrow Farafina wave basket , £78


Images: courtesy of brands.

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