Gardening: Kettle trick to ‘kickstart’ seeds into growing – ‘helps with the germination’

This Morning: Daisy talks about winter gardening tasks

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Sean Lade, gardening expert and director of Easy Garden Irrigation has shared which jobs gardeners can be getting on with now for “maximum results”. The gardening expert also shared a kettle trick to “kickstart” seeds into germinating. Sean said “preparation is key” when it comes to getting a garden ready for the summer months.

Here are Sean’s jobs to be getting on with now:

Plant beds

Sean said gardeners should start to prepare their plant beds for the season ahead.

One of the ways gardeners can do this is by keeping on top of weeding before the weather gets warmer.

It’s important to do this as when the ground warms up, weed patches can “take over”.

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He suggested breaking up the soil and adding organic fertiliser.

He added: “Well-rotted manure or chicken pellets are ideal slow-releasing fertilisers that will give nutrients to many crops through the season.”

There are lots of plant seeds that can be sown from now.

Sean suggested checking over seed packets to see when they are ready to be planted.

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He continued: “Many hardy plants are ready to be sown this time of year, some in propagators indoors or in greenhouses, while others may be able to go outside from the start.

“To kickstart the growing process, you can boil the kettle, let it cool for a little bit and pour the warm water over the newly seeded pots.

“The warm soil will help with the germination process.”

Lawn care

Lawns have been largely ignored during the winter months, so now it’s time to give them some well-deserved care.

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Sean said this month is “ideal” for lawn care.

He added: “Getting those path edges cut into shape and tidied up before the grass starts growing vigorously again in the warmer, sunnier weather.”


Many plants will have become overgrown at this time of year.

Some will be spilling out onto pathways, lawns and driveways.

Before they start to reveal their buds, gardeners need to cut them back.

Sean explained: “A wide range of trees, shrubs and bushes needs pruning this month before the buds are starting to show.

“Evergreen shrubs, climbing and bush roses, apple and pear trees, to mention a few.”

Spring cleaning

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning but once it’s done, it will feel like an achievement.

One of the chores gardeners can do now is give their sheds a good clean and organise.

Sean added: “Clean the greenhouse and gutters of leaves and any green growth on the glass that may have occurred during the cold and damp winter months.”

It’s also a good time to clean any gardening tools that are looking a little worse for wear.

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