Gardener shares his brilliant tip to make sure your flowers bloom this summer

With summer on the way you may be thinking it is time to add some colour to your garden by planting some flowers, but one expert has urged caution when setting out to plant.

A very common mistake people make can cause flowers to rot and die, but gardener David Domoney has a method that will light up your life, and make sure your flowers keep blooming with his “lightbulb” planting technique.

David is a celebrity gardener known for co-presenting the hit series Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV as well as being the plant expert on This Morning.

In a recent video online, David explained he has a “great tip” for people looking to plant bulbs, such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips or even gladioli.

He said: “The secret is [bulbs] don’t like their bottoms in water, and unfortunately a trowel, when you dig down usually leaves a bit of a [V shape] at the bottom.”

David added: “So [when] you put a bulb in [the ground]. Sometimes it gets wedged so there’s a gap between the bottom of the bulb and the bottom of the hold. Water can then get in and rot the bulb.”

He then shared his tip, and said: “Think of a bulb like a light bulb…now what’s the similarity you may ask? It’s the way that you put it in.”

“With a light bulb, bayonet fitting or screw fitting, you push and twist, so push and twist.

“When you’re putting in a [plant] bulb, push and twist so the base of the bulb hits the base of the soil.

“No water gets in and each and every one of them will flower.”

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People in the video comment section thanked David for his “fantastic” tip, as many people had been wondering why their flowers were struggling to bloom.

One person said: “So obvious, yet I never thought of it! Thank you! The light bulb [methaphor] explained that really well.”

Another person asked David if the “pointy bit” of the bulb should be facing up or down in the soil, to which David replied that the “pointy bit” should always be facing up.

The same user asked if this trick can be applied to plants growing on a balcony in a pot, and David said it was important to check the temperature and wind requirement of a plant.

Somebody else asked: “Do you have to dig [the flowers] up each year or can they be left?”

David answered: “It depends on how cold your garden gets. If it gets very cold then dig up and store, if milder then you can leave and just mulch over until spring.”

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