Flowers: ‘Handy trick’ to keep ‘blooms thriving for longer’ – ‘no fancy food’ needed

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Fresh flowers can be expensive, especially if buying them on a regular basis. However, many may opt to buy them because they can brighten up a room as well as elevate people’s moods. Experts have shared tips and tricks to try in order to help fresh flowers last much longer.

Flowers can stay fresh for about a week if they are taken care of properly.

This includes changing the water regularly and snipping the bottom off the stems to allow fresh water to reach the flower.

They may also need feeding, which typically comes in a packet with the flowers when purchased.

There are also a variety of other ways to help keep flowers alive longer, according to

A spokesperson for said: “We love the look of a fresh bunch of cut flowers in a vase, who doesn’t?

“But there is nothing worse than spending money on a new bunch of pretty blossoms for their lifespan to deplete within a few short days.

“Flower lovers can fight off the short expiration date by using one of a few of our favourite items to keep their favourite blooms thriving for longer.”

The experts shared a variety of tips to help keep flowers alive for longer including a “handy trick” using 2p coins.

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The spokesperson added: “No fancy food or expensive preservatives are required.”

Using a 2p coin can help flowers such as tulips last longer.

It works by placing the coin at the bottom of the flower case before adding in the flowers.

The experts said: “Unknown to many, they contain natural antimicrobial properties, which prevent bacteria’s growth, which causes blossoms like tulips to dry up and wilt.”

The trick doesn’t only work on tulips, it can also help flowers such as roses too.

It is recommended to clean the coin before using it to help remove any dirt and bacteria.

Other methods include using sugar and apple cider vinegar. explained: “This cupboard staple [sugar] can be used as a preservative to keep flowers looking healthy for longer.

“Three tablespoons of sugar should be dissolved into one litre of warm water.

“When filling the vase, the freshly cut stems should be covered by seven to 10 centimetres of prepared water.”

According to the experts, apple cider vinegar works very well for preserving flowers when combined with sugar.

To try, use equal parts for each litre of water and change it every couple of days to ensure further longevity.

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