Even a Professional Housekeeper Says This $9 Drill Brush Is the 'Best Cleaning Product' They've Ever Bought

If you’re having trouble deep-cleaning your bathroom, it could be that your cleaning products aren’t up to par. Sometimes sponges and spray bottles aren’t enough, and it’s time to pull out all the stops. When that happens, Amazon shoppers say they resort to a powerful drill brush that removes years of shower stains, mildew, and grout, leaving their bathrooms looking “cleaner than ever.”

Made with nylon bristles sturdy enough to plow through long-neglected areas, the Holikme Drill Brush Attachment can be latched on to any cordless drill (like this $36 one from Black+Decker) to instantly transform the device into a cleaning powerhouse. The four-piece set includes three brushes and an extended reach attachment that makes it easier to access tricky corners and crevices.

The brushes come in 2.5-, 3.5-, and 4-inch sizes with different stiffness levels meant for various surfaces. For example, the softer bristles are ideal for stovetops and upholstery, while the stiffer bristles should be used on toilets, sinks, and bathroom tiles. Each brush is conveniently color-coded to signal its intended purpose and bristle stiffness. The yellow brush set, which is made for cleaning bathrooms, is already affordable at $12, but you can get it for even less (just $9!) thanks to a 25-percent-off discount. 

Buy It! Holikme Drill Brush, $8.95 (orig. $11.99); amazon.com

Impressively, the Holikme Drill Brush has over 22,000 five-star ratings, making it Amazon’s number one best-selling household cleaning brush. That’s probably because it turns cleaning into less of a chore; instead of manually scrubbing each surface, you can let your drill brush take care of the dirty work for you.  Reviewers with knee, hip, and back pain swear by the popular brushes for making cleaning hassle-free.

“Look, I hate scrubbing,” one said. “I hate that it takes so long and the cleaners get me all lightheaded while I clean. But the mineral and soap scum build-up shall bother me no longer, for I have found these wonderful drill brushes! After using them, my dingy, stained tiles were white again and the grout was significantly improved after just one use. Plus, confession time, they’re easy and fun to use.”

Even a professional housekeeper called it the “best cleaning product” they’ve ever bought, adding that “black bathtubs are no problem anymore.”

“I work housekeeping at the RV park we are staying at, and sometimes people stay there for months on end and never clean,” they explained. “You can imagine the elbow grease needed for these jobs. These drill brushes cleaned glass shower doors that had months of soap scum on them in minutes, a job that in the past has taken us hours.”

Others claim that after incorporating the drill brushes into their cleaning routines, their bathroom tubs and tiles “look brand new.” So if you’re looking to cut down on cleaning time while eliminating even the most stubborn stains, give the $9 Holikme Drill Brush a go.

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