‘Easy to grow’: Daisy Payne shares how to plant sunflowers now – ‘March is perfect time’

This Morning: Daisy Payne shows how to plant sunflower seeds

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The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine and has been grown in the country since the mid-18th century. In light of the recent Ukraine-Russia conflict, the symbolic flower has been spotted in the hands of protestors and even on the face mask of FLOTUS Jill Biden in support of Ukraine. Today, gardening expert Daisy Payne showed ITV This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how to sow sunflower seeds.

Daisy said sunflowers are “really sturdy” and easy to grow.

For those who don’t have a lot of space, there are several different varieties of sunflower which include dwarf varieties.

“You can pick the one that suits your space”, said Daisy.

“They are easy to grow and we can do it now.

“This is the perfect time for it as well – March time.

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“So by August, we’ll have beautiful sunflowers.”

Gardeners need to get themselves some peat-free compost and a pot.

Using a trowel or hands, put the compost into the pot up the first indent in the pot.

Daisy said using peat-free compost is really important because it’s an “environmentally friendly option”.

Once all the compost is in the pot, gardeners need to level off the top so it’s even.

Gardeners now need to make holes for their sunflower seeds.

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Daisy suggested using the top of a lidded pen inserted into the soil to do this.

“Grab your pen and your packet of seeds. So you’re gonna take your pen and you can do either two things.

“You can either plant one sunflower in here with one hole, or you’re going to do a few.

“Well if you pop one in, you can then look after it, nurture it and then pop it into your garden when it’s a bit bigger.

“Or you can do this like a little nursery bed and have a few in there and then you can repot them as they get bigger.”

The sunflower can only be put into the garden once it warms up.

Daisy said the maximum number of seeds gardeners should plant is four spread evenly in the pot.

If not, gardeners should just put one seed in the middle of the pot.

“So once you’ve popped them in your hole, you want to cover it over with more soil.

“Then give it a good little tap all the way round so it’s compacted.

“Then you want to label the sunflowers.

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve got loads of things growing at home and you forget what you’ve [planted].”

Daisy used a wooden lolly stick to label the sunflowers and stuck it into the compost.

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Next, the sunflower needs to be watered.

Daisy suggested giving the sunflower a “bit of a soaking” so it’s “wet through”.

Once planted, the pot needs to be put in a sunny area inside – like on a window sill – and watered every couple of days.

The gardening expert said it’s too cold to put the sunflowers outside now and won’t be able to be put outside until May.

If you’ve planted more than one in a pot, when the sunflowers are a few centimetres tall, they will need to be replanted in their own individual pots.

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