Delta Passenger Claims He 'Sat' In Dog Poop on Plane and Crew Said 'That's Not My Problem'

A passenger on a Delta Airlines flight claims he had a pretty crappy boarding experience ahead of a recent flight.

Warning! Gross photos below. Don’t scroll down if you have a sensitive stomach.

According to WBS-TV Atlanta, Matthew Meehan claims he stepped in a pile of dog waste while trying to get into his seat ahead of the flight’s departure, and when he complained to a manager on board, he was allegedly told it wasn’t their problem.

After noticing an unpleasant smell upon finding his seat, he told Yahoo Lifestyle, “I went to take my charger out, bent down completely to charge my phone and realized it’s not just a smell, it’s actually feces and it’s all over the back of my legs, it’s all over the floor, all over the wall of the plane. And I sat in it.”

“It was feces, and it was everywhere,” Meehan said to WBS-TV. “It was on my seat. It was on the floor. My feet were in it. I was in the bathroom cleaning feces off of the back of my legs, off of my shoes. I was wearing loafers unfortunately, so the feces was all over my bare ankles.”

He claims he asked flight attendants for cleaning supplies but was only given two paper towels and a small bottle of gin to wash himself off with. When he asked to speak to a manager, he claims she told him, “Well that’s not my problem.”

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“I said, ‘I’m sorry?’ She says, ‘Well, if the cleaning crew didn’t clean your seat, I don’t have any control over that,’” Meehan said.

Next, Meehan claims he asked for a cleaning crew to be brought on board but he was told his options were to sit down or “not go home” because they were only a few minutes away from their scheduled departure. He claims other passengers on board would not sit in their seats until it was clean, and said that an employee wiped it with paper towels.

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“It filled the entire plastic bag. Paper towels full of feces, and they wanted me to sit in that,” Meehan said. “I have never in my entire life felt more dehumanized. I felt like an animal. Words can’t even describe how awful it was, and they had so many opportunities to make it right.”

Delta claims that once they were made aware of the incident, an additional cleaning crew was called to the aircraft and they used disinfectant to clean the floor and the seats before the flight took off. As a result of the incident, the flight was delayed by 20 minutes.

The airline also confirms that they offered to rebook the customer on an alternate flight, which he declined, and offered to reimburse him for his shoes and suit and provide additional compensation.

According to a spokesperson for the airline, the mess was attributed to a service animal from the previous flight who had gotten sick on board.

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“Delta apologizes to a customer affected by an issue on board a recent flight after the area around his seat was not appropriately cleaned following an incident involving an ill emotional support animal,” the spokesperson tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Delta has issued a refund and additional compensation to the customer impacted by this incident.”

“The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again,” they continued. “Upon landing in Miami, the aircraft was taken out of service to be deep cleaned and further disinfected.”

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