Create your own Coronation bouquet with King Charles’ favourite blooms

With King Charles III’s Coronation just days away, many Britons will be busily decorating their homes in preparation for the special occasion. While bunting, banners and balloons will add a touch of colour and excitement to your decor, homeowners can take it a step further by creating their own bouquet featuring King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s favourite blooms.

Florists from Prestige Flowers have shared how to use the royals’ favourite flowers to create a memorable bouquet for the momentous occasion.

Millie Durbak from Prestige Flowers said: “The King’s Coronation is such an exciting time for the whole country, and the Bank Holiday means it’s the perfect time to have a get-together with family and friends.

“While Union Jack decorations pay homage to the occasion, you could tie all your hosting efforts together with an eye-catching tablescape or centrepiece.

“King Charles is a lover of nature and he spent a lot of time in his gardens at Highgrove House, so it’s only fitting to pay your own tribute to the King with flowers in your Coronation celebrations.”

King Charles III has previously mentioned his affinity for delphiniums and their beautiful colours. The perennial plant flowers in early summer and is perfect for beds and borders. It’s also a great plant for cut flower bouquets.

Highgrove House also features four acres of wildflowers. Including these in a centrepiece or bouquet will make the overall look appear less formal.

Millie continued: “The late Queen had a lily-of-the-valley feature in her Coronation bouquet, and some royal experts predict the King might feature this in some way at his Coronation to pay tribute.

“Meanwhile, Camilla, Queen Consort, has previously spoken about her love of alchemilla mollis, also known as lady’s mantle. It’s a plant, but can also look great in a vase.”

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Those who have visited Windsor Castle will have noticed the abundance of rose bushes that greet them as they enter as well as the wall of roses.

Mille noted using both red Rhodos and white Avalanche roses in a display would tie-in perfectly with the Coronation colour palette.

She also advised homeowners not to be afraid of adding their own favourites. Snapdragons, which are relatively easy to grow and are loved by bees, also fit into the Coronation theme as King Charles is a keeper of hives.

White calla lilies could also make another nice addition as they stand tall on stems, adding some height to an arrangement.

Millie added: “As well as roses, you could add in the thistle-like eryngium. With its deep blue colour and interesting texture, it would create a nice contrast next to your red and white blooms.”

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The flower expert advised homeowners to first think about the size of the centrepiece and what is going to go around it. Will it be alone on the table, or will it be surrounded by placemats, a buffet or beverages? 

She continued: “Whether you’re creating a centrepiece or a tablescape, you will probably start with one piece and work your way out.

“Pick a vase that is suitable for the flowers you’ve collected, you may wish to use a collection of vases at different heights to add depth.

“Jugs, jars and glasses can be used if you don’t have vases to hand. If you want a more cohesive look, keep your flowers in the same vase but perhaps try to elevate it so it stays the centre of attention.

“You can buy frames for this but for ease, you could stack some books – you can wrap them to keep them cohesive with a theme.

“Be careful not to stack anything too high as this could make your regal display more vulnerable to toppling over.

“Using foliage in the centre of the table is a nice way to expand your decoration.

“You can also add little trinkets such as mini crowns or candles. Traditional tea cups will also be a nice nod to the new King.”

Homeowners can expand their centrepiece into a tablescape by using colours to match flowers or simply red, white and blue.

Millie added: “You could add some crown jewel-inspired flower picks to your bouquet and then have similar items, ribbons and petals along the rest of the table in the colours of the Union Jack.

“Whatever your choice, try not to go overboard as simplicity tends to be key.”

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