CLON — Today star Hoda Kotb’s NYC apartment is so relatable in new family photo

Hoda Kotb celebrated her niece Hannah’s birthday by sharing a new family photo, which inadvertently gave her followers a new peek inside her New York City apartment.

The Today host’s two young daughters Haley and Hope – whom she shares with her ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman – posed for a family photo with Hannah inside Hoda’s property, showing off just how relatable it is. The trio sat on chairs around a clear table which was topped with water bottles, food plates and a present for Hannah. One of the doors of the white cabinets stood open in the background, with yellow and green sheets of paper strewn on the wooden floor.

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Books, family photos and other trinkets lined the side, proving that Hoda’s home is just as well-loved and well-used as ours – if only we had the same views of the New York skyline!

The rest of the playroom also features storage for toys, a whiteboard, and plenty of drawings from her little girls – some of which even get stuck on the windows from time to time.

The Today star shared a photo of her children and niece inside her NYC apartment

Hoda used to share the property with Joel but she announced their split in January 2022 and said they continue to amicably co-parent their two daughters. The TV star revealed that after “really meaningful conversations”, the former couple decided they were “better as friends and parents than we are as an engaged couple”.

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Before their separation, Hoda opened up about her “messy” family home which didn’t go unnoticed by Joel or her daughters.

Hoda’s children have a beautiful playroom

“Joel does very few annoying things,” she said. “And he walks in sometimes and it’s like a bomb blew up in the house, it’s such a mess and he’s still like, ‘Good morning’. I can just see he’s eyeing all the piles.”

While he didn’t let it phase him, Hoda said her oldest daughter Hyley did not have the same reaction. “This is what Haley does when she walks in. She says, ‘Mom, I know exactly where you’ve been,’ and she goes to all the open doors. Even she knows,” she joked.

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